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Temperature Timer

shower water gets progressively colder / hotter
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Much of the water used in the US is used by people taking showers, since they use water constantly. Although water - saving devices like aerators can help, some people still spend 20 or 30 minutes taking showers. If a timer could be constructed into the regulator that starts making the water gradually colder after 8 minutes or so, these people might be persuaded to take shorter showers... this would be most useful in places like hotels, where people must use what is offered.
macromind, Apr 26 2001


       Why might it get progressively hotter? Maybe when someone was running a cold bath with the intent of selling your kidneys at $20k per?
absterge, Apr 26 2001

       Oh absterge that kidney thing is just an urban legend. They go for more like $30k the pair and a smart organ dealer will throw in a pound of fresh liver to sweeten the deal.
Dog Ed, Apr 27 2001


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