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Climate controlled cup holders

Heat or cool your drinks
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Car manufacturers should have cup holders that have separate air controls. So you'd place your coffee in a cup holder (the ones that actually surround the cup base) and you can channel the warm air to the cup. Or, vice versa, take your Coke and place it in the holder and channel cool air. This will keep the drink at its desired temperature longer than leaving it out in the open. You wouldn't need extra systems because if you want the drink hot and your using the heater, just channel some of it to the cup. Or, if you're using the heater but want a cold Coke, this would turn on the A/C for the cup and use the heater for the rest of the vehicle. Or this could be switched for cold situations.

As we speak, my friend is suggesting this to his employer, Toyota.

TQMKaizen, May 23 2005

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       Toyota have a pick-up where the cup holder is immediately under the vent, so that the air conditioning blows past the can/bottle.   

       What might work well is a Peltier device, on which the cup stands. Copper springs could lead from the Peltier device to the vertical edges, to get better heat conductivity.   

       This could be switched to heat or cool, without resorting to have the air conditioning fight itself.
Ling, May 23 2005

       OK. But you would need seperate systems. Its hot out and you just stoped at coffee shop. AC on in your car. How about a heater coil and a cooler coil in the cup holder itself.
10clock, May 23 2005

       How about just a foam rubber sheath (or "coozie" as they call it in Texas) in the cup holder. Keeps beverage at temp much longer. Might add $5 to car's price. Of course, the heating/cooling options being discussed could make for a steaming "Cup O Soup" or keep your ice cream cone firm. How about installing a microwave in the dash so you can heat those "Quick Stop" tacos on the road.   

       This gets my "Occam's Butter Knife" award for ignoring a simple cheap solution in favor of something expensive and complex.
MauiChuck, May 24 2005

       Bun for getting this idea nine months ahead of me.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 07 2006

       And someone even came up with the Peltier idea before me! I'm not surprised.
Headcleaner, Jan 07 2006


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