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Clockwork network

A social network feed where posts are delayed and revealed on the hour.
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I don't like notifications demanding my attention while I'm doing something.

So what if there was a social network that delayed and released messages until the clock is a whole hour?

12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00

I would like this feature on my phone, to round up when notifications get delivered to me.

chronological, Jul 13 2023

Scheduled notifications on iPhone https://macreports....-summary-on-iphone/
You can schedule summaries for notifications on your iPhone or iPad. The notifications summary allows you to view your notifications when you choose, not when the notifications come in. This helps you focus by preventing the distraction of receiving not-so-urgent notifications at any time. [a1, Jul 13 2023]

FilterBox for Android https://www.compute...oid-app-sanity.html
Sound like this could work, [scad mientist, Jul 13 2023]

Scheduled Quiet Mode https://youtu.be/b_LG_n4vwOc
[21 Quest, Jul 14 2023]

Slow Social https://slow-social.com/
“Only check your feed a set number of times a day or hour” [swimswim, Jul 15 2023]


       // I would like this feature on my phone //   

       Exists on iPhone for any and all apps of your choosing. Not sure about Android, perhaps someone else here can comment.
a1, Jul 13 2023

       Egg timer.
xenzag, Jul 13 2023

       In true Android fashion, there are apps for this. A cursory Play Store search yielded many highly rated search results. But I'm not so sure about computer use, and it DOES get awfully annoying seeing all the popup notifications on Windows. I haven't been arsed to look into that yet, but it would be really nice if this sort of feature was baked into the social media apps themselves.
21 Quest, Jul 14 2023

       Edit: I haven't looked at other social media apps yet, but Facebook (rather shockingly) DOES have a setting for this. It's called scheduled quiet mode.
21 Quest, Jul 14 2023

       There's a manual mode as well. Here's how it works: You turn off all notification noises on your phone and put it in a thin leather wallet. You place it beside a digital clock with a display format of HH:MM. You may only remove the phone from the wallet and look at it when the clock reads HH:00 (i.e. you have a 60 second window each hour when you are permitted to remove the phone from your wallet).   

       Once the phone is out, you may set your own personal schedule for how long it can remain out for. Suggested is 5 minutes for beginners, or 1 minute for pros. i.e. in the beginner mode the phone has to be replaced before the display on the clock changes to HH:05. Pro mode means the phone may only be outside of the wallet when the display on the clock reads HH:00   

       There is also a hammer next to the clock. If the phone is out of the wallet and the clock does not read within the permitted range of numbers, you must hit the phone hard with the hammer.   

       This entire method is easy to implement and surprisingly effective at curbing phone addiction.
pocmloc, Jul 14 2023

pashute, Jul 15 2023

       OK, A1 and IPHONE are geniuses
pashute, Jul 15 2023


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