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Cloud provisioned business

Full commodisation of business plans
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At the moment you can provision servers in the cloud with an API call. It should be possible to provision real life things in the world with an API call.

Imagine a website that provides a digital market place that matches buyers with sellers for all sorts of jobs. Ultimately, a business plan can be represented as data that is machine readable.

A business can be represented digitally as a set of data that says what the business buys and for what price it wants to buy it at.

Even companies not on the platform can be bought on the platform because someone lists them on their behalf and makes sales go through to them.

Making an API call to the platform is like saying, can you provide this to me now.

Imagine provisioning of shop fitouts, buildings, offices, vehicles, human resources, departments, organisational structure with code and it is sourced automatically and paid per use.

Opening the market software and there's menus for the following:

New building

New advertising

New business plan

New department

New employee

New office

New function

New business process

New product

New service

New supply chain

Programmatically defined business processes.

chronological, Feb 20 2020


       You just have to "really believe" in it ...
8th of 7, Feb 20 2020

       Actually, about half the items on the list are generic enough to be "Clck and Collect". The biggest problem will be "New employee" if your business is skill/knowledge based, where carbon units aren't simply interchangeable.
8th of 7, Feb 21 2020

       <Obligatory Blade Runner quote>   

       "It's to bad she won't live ... but then again, who does ?"   

8th of 7, Feb 21 2020

       The API calls go into a system which is a digital market place which matches up sellers with buyers.   

       Any business you be dis-tillable down to a set of API calls and that creates a digital business plan.   

       A local coffee shop is a few automated orders to wholesalers, a staffing request on a digital marketplace for baristas and API request to a shop fit out. And an API call for a property search for a certain size building.
chronological, Feb 22 2020

       I've updated the description to say how it would work.
chronological, Feb 22 2020

       If every part of a business is a commodity then it's not making any money. To make a profit, a business must have a competitive advantage over the next- best business. If every business uses the same turn- key parts I don't understand where one business could get a competitive advantage.
sninctown, Feb 22 2020

       The purpose of this idea is to force everything to be a commodity so every thing is easy to produce and ultimately the model of jobs has to change.   

       Unconditional basic income for everyone!
chronological, Feb 22 2020

       // I don't understand where one business could get a competitive advantage. //   

       Easy. Bribe the customers to buy your product.
8th of 7, Feb 22 2020


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