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Coffee shop queue

Arrange a large room with chairs and tables, everyone sits in a chair placement, then gets called out or put on a display that everyone can see (perhaps 4 monitors around the room) Serve coffee
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Waiting in line is boring and a waste of time. if you've ever waited in Accident and Emergency or at a government office, doctors it's a waste of time

Convert waiting rooms into coffee shops and then everyone can enjoy a coffee while they wait and take the coffee into the assessment room.

chronological, Jul 24 2022


       Take-a-number plus seating is not really a new idea, but it should be done everywhere. And all waiting areas should have coffee, tea, water, and juice.
Voice, Jul 24 2022

       Coffee is not everyone's cup of tea, so to speak, and where does it stop? When do the patrons demand cookies, muffins, fruit, sandwiches, soup...   

       "I gave up my lunch break for this???"   

       If you are so impatient that you can't wait your turn for service don't blame the system. Blame the people who made the system the way it is - the users. I have experienced wait systems that are appointment-based, and while they are marvelous when they work, there will always ALWAYS be that minority of users who abuse it. I'm talking the lazy, unprepared, entitled, self-centred, obnoxious and egregiously vocal users who arrive when it is convenient for them and expect, nay DEMAND that they be served immediately or someone must be fired.   

       And taking the coffee into the room? Have you not seen how clumsy people are? How much of a mess there is dealing with the spills, the waste, the random coffee cup that is discovered three weeks later hidden behind the fake plant over in the corner? After everything I have seen I strongly believe drinking coffee makes people stupid.   

       Whew! I feel so much better getting that off my chest!! Thanks for that, but your idea still gets the fishbone.
Canuck, Jul 24 2022

       Could be considered from the opposite end, a coffee shop franchise themed as a waiting room
pocmloc, Jul 24 2022

       //a coffee shop franchise themed as a waiting room//   

       Wow, that's the worst coffee shop theme idea ever.
Voice, Jul 25 2022

       Sounds like a challenge.   

       Like this but more specific: DMV inspired. (That's the Department Of Motor Vehicles for you foreigners.)   

       1- Take a number, sit in uncomfortable plastic seats.   

       2- When called, explain to perturbed counter person that you'd like a large medium roast with...   

       3- "SIR!" Get rudely cut off, be told this is the line for tea, and that you need to fill out form 203958-T to order coffee, the forms are on that table over there... "NEXT!"   

       4- When you see there are no form 203958-Ts cut to the front of the line where the counter person says "SIR! SIR!" "But there are no form..." "SIR! You need to wait in line like everybody else."   

       5- When you finally get your coffee it's tea and it's cold and there are lipstick marks on the cup.   

       The name of the coffee shop is "Your Tax Dollars At Work Coffee Shop"
doctorremulac3, Jul 25 2022

       Can the air conditioner be broken?
Voice, Jul 25 2022

       Of course. Everybody fanning themselves with their 203958-T forms.
doctorremulac3, Jul 25 2022

       Coffee tends to make people more impatient. Maybe an opium den queue would work better.
pertinax, Jul 26 2022


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