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Communal restaurants

Pay a subscription fee to a restaurant
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I think restaurants could be a community service that are paid for and owned by a community.

If you add up all the costs of a restaurant:

rent electricity staff wages ingredients waste collection minibus drivers minibus

Divide the costs by the people in a local area, the restaurant becomes an affordable luxury that someone can go to almost every night for dinner. And it's owned by the local community. It's not to make a profit but purely to feed people and give local people jobs.

I include the costs of a minibus because you need to make your way to the restaurant venue and you can pick up old people in a minibus.

The risk of running a restaurant is shared amongst all the people who sign up.

chronological, Mar 27 2020

Why we need communal restaurants [chronological, May 16 2020]

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Better than nothing if someone has dropped a bomb on your kitchen, but I don't think I'd eat there in non-emergency conditions. [pertinax, May 16 2020]


       I remember a college that had meal plans paid per- meal. Some students complained because the football team paid the same price-per-meal as the cheerleaders while eating at least twice as much. In principle I like the community-togetherness that this idea would promote. Maybe this could be a "soup kitchen", that is, entirely free (paid by volunteer donors) serving cheap noodle soups for free, bit nice enough that many people would want to go there?
sninctown, Mar 27 2020

       Is this part of the "Luxury Apartments for Everyone"? I definitely for the together-ism, but my view of "Luxury Apartments" is different. (See "HiveCell" idea.)
Mindey, Mar 28 2020

       This idea is separate from luxury apartments for everyone. This idea is about decoupling risk of running a restaurant and sharing that risk in a community and feeding people.
chronological, Mar 28 2020

       Sounds like soup kitchens.
8th of 7, May 16 2020

       // me too - the author has seen something in one place and wants it to be available to everybody, or at least to him or her, or free, or cheap, without knowing how to make it free or cheap.
sninctown, May 16 2020

       sooo... cafeteria.
FlyingToaster, May 16 2020


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