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Drive and Dig Fries

applies to all fast food outlets that sell fries......
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I am a certified non driver so this gives me a lot of time to sit and observe the world from the driver’s perspective. One constant irritant is the fact that each time we pull through a drive through my lap becomes the designated bag carrier and each the person driving gets a chance they dive it to pull out one golden fry. Now while this is fine by me I wonder how one manages when driving alone and that’s when I had the idea for the fries-in-a-bag-around-the-neck idea. It’s essentially the same little paper thing in which fries are usually placed except this one has a string around each end which one could place around the neck so they could drive and eat at the same time.
nomadic_wonderer, Jul 10 2005

Drive and Dig Fries http://www.geocitie...night_vision10.html
image of idea [nomadic_wonderer, Jul 10 2005]

Um http://www.cartoons...lowres/rth0478l.jpg
[DrCurry, Jul 11 2005]


       Wear one to ward off the heart attack fairy?
reensure, Jul 10 2005

       great idea. a full face horse-type feeder bag for fries could be further adapted.
benfrost, Jul 11 2005

       //this gives me a lot of time to sit and observe the world from the driver’s perspective// You sit on the driver's lap?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 11 2005

       - I'm sorry, but fries is at the heart of all that is wrong with America. (not our [2fries])
dentworth, Jul 11 2005

       //but fries is at the heart of all that is wrong with America.// So, not Martha Stewart?
Only if the string is recyclable - or perhaps shirts and jackets could be sold with drive'n'dig holder pop-fasteners[+]
coprocephalous, Jul 11 2005

       String ... make that dental floss.
reensure, Jul 11 2005

       I don't see the need for this. Driving while eating fast food is high art. You never touch the steering wheel with your hands. You steer with the knees. Sharp curves make for some brisk work, but it is well worth the effort. Fries that fall on the floor are fodder for lean times down the road. Like the noble and mighty squirrel, the industrious driver will never go hungry.
crater, Jul 11 2005

       I can't help but notice the guy who insists on driving with his knees signs his name [crater]!   

       Don't try that in worsted wool slacks!
elhigh, Jul 11 2005

       Like a "human feeding bag". Hey if it's good enough for the famous Mr. Ed... (+)
blissmiss, Jul 11 2005

       I like dried figs. +!
bungston, Jul 11 2005

       You'd end up with a grease mark on your shirt, where the fry-bag rests.   

       I think a better alternative (besides not eating fries) would be to have the bottom of the fry cup be shaped to fit inside a standard cup-holder in a car. (My standards today prevent me from adding that as a separate idea.)
sophocles, Jul 11 2005

       Ahh, in a conservative baking cycle nowadays, [soph]?   

       I think the stain problem could be alleviated with proper fry-box engineering innovations.   

       And a dentist chair-like module that hangs down and props the sandwich right in front of your mouth.   

       "Bite!" and the machine inches the sandwhich forward for a bite, then retracts. (My standards, as well, prevent me from posting this nowadays).
daseva, Jul 11 2005

       //props the sandwich right in front of your mouth//   

       Yes, like a harmonica holder.   

       What if the driver has to sneeze? I'm picturing smashed Big Mac on the accident victim's face. Would this actually protect the face and prevent injury?
crater, Jul 11 2005

       excellent, a McTrough.
neilp, Jul 14 2005

       Superglue all the fries, end to end, and eat them like spaghetti.
Ling, Jul 14 2005

       Or a, <snick> Pez dispenser.   

       Pack them in your airbag and crash.
daseva, Jul 14 2005


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