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Digestible Fast Food

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Most fast food restaurants today focus on food that tastes good and satisfies whatever craving a person has, without taking into consideration the healthiness of the food, which typically results in food which causes indigestion after a short amount of time. If you're on a road trip, for example, this can be a bad inconvenience.

Hence, I propose a fast food restaurant where the food is designed with digestibility as a top priority. The food might not taste as good (but it should certainly not taste bad), and the menu won't be as large, but the food will certainly be filling and guaranteed not to upset one's stomach.

rgovostes, Oct 09 2004

I'll have the double McAlgae please. http://www.royal-he...son/spirulina-b.htm
"Spirulina is the most easily digestible and quickly assimilated source of protein on the planet. This blue-green algae is one of the richest food sources of protein, chlorophyll and beta-carotene." [half, Oct 10 2004]

King County WA Restaurant Health Violations List http://www.kirotv.c...3561664/detail.html
Reading this made my family delete two of our favorite dining spots from our list. [bristolz, Oct 11 2004]


       Isaac Asimov introduces a clever idea in his "Foundation" book - his character Hari Seldon stops at a restaurant for some lunch, where the drinks have anti-diarrhetic substances in them. It inspired this idea... credit where credit is due, or something.
rgovostes, Oct 09 2004

       (Now his friends tease him by calling him Hari Seldom? Which of the foundation series books was this in?)   

       Isn't this just one of many trends that you'll already find on a menu? (Usually, the code word for this is "light".) E.g., salads and yoghurt/cereal parfait, steamed rice instead of fried potatoes, etc.
jutta, Oct 09 2004

       "results in food which causes indigestion after a short amount of time"...this is not something that I experience. You just haven't built your fast food tolerance high enough yet.
half, Oct 10 2004

       Perhaps an undiagnosed stomach ailment is the cause?
krelnik, Oct 10 2004

       Well, certainly a cheeseburger can be stomached without problem, but it isn't quite filling. Eat some quesadillas from Taco Bell and a 0.25lb'r with cheese from McDonalds (though that's a little excessive), and your stomach probably won't be very happy with you.   

       While such foods do not upset one's stomach every time, they do occasionally, and it may be a risk one doesn't want to take.
rgovostes, Oct 11 2004

       I agree with you [rgovostes]; fast food makes your stomach unhappy, but that's what fast food is. If you don't want an upset digestive system, then eat something else. I think this whole fast-food culture in the US (and many other places) is the problem: you are dependant on it so much that you can't conceive eating something else... you want to transform that food you're "hooked" to instead of just giving it up.
Pericles, Oct 11 2004

       Many things can upset my stomach but fast food generally isn't one of them. I've gotten far sicker from high-end eateries than any fast food.   

       For one thing the cleanliness of fast food restaurants are, on the whole, much better than many of the spendier restaurants. Cleanliness is institutionalized in the fast-food systems.
bristolz, Oct 11 2004

       What about just having the food pre-digested. Take my happy meal (super-size it) throw it in a blender, and now you have a delicious and easily digestable meal - throw a little wheat germ on the top if you need some health for your. Think of it - a Quarter Pounder with cheese shaken, not stirred!
trekbody, Oct 12 2004


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