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Coffee Bar

An alternative way of consuming coffee
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People enjoy consuming things like coffee when they feel they are slowing, take out coffee is good but is expensive, it can be too hot and is prone to spillage. so I think it could be released in a solid bar form, like chocolate, but with coffee instead, mixing coffee with vegetable fat to achieve a solid product, it would come with flavors like dark, latte, cappuccino, mocha and others, the product would be cheaper than a cup of coffee, and it would be more convenient.
appdirect, Jun 03 2014

Camouflaged Coffee Candy Bars http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/ka-pow
[Skewed, Jun 03 2014]

chocolate covered coffee beans http://www.nuts.com...j4L4CFUZp7Aod4y0ASw
[xandram, Jun 04 2014]

Soap http://www.thinkgee...roduct/5a65/?srp=11
[DIYMatt, Jun 04 2014]

Java Jolt E-cigarette http://store.blucigs.com/java-cartridges
But is it as addicting as real coffee? [DIYMatt, Jun 04 2014]

(?) Canada's Coffe Crisp https://www.coffeecrisp.ca/
Has been around for 75 years. [Canuck, Jun 04 2014]


       It already comes in solid form as pro-plus, not particularly enjoyable, but solid, besides that you can find it mixed into a lot of chocolates, especially if you actually go to a shop that specialises in making it’s own, so there you go.   

       They're generally more expensive, not less, as well.   


       Well & truly baked
Skewed, Jun 03 2014

       Five dollars a bar for something that tastes like coffee?
popbottle, Jun 04 2014

       //not a criticism of the idea//   

       No, but I also find it hard not to believe some form of this hasn't most likely existed for centuries in regions were the beans grow naturally.
Skewed, Jun 04 2014

       In countries where they grow coffee beans, they often just eat the bean. Also, there are chocolate covered coffee beans at StarYucks etc.
xandram, Jun 04 2014

       A caffeine-lick on the wall, for office workers penned in their cubicles.
FlyingToaster, Jun 04 2014

       Yeah, this is WKTE. There are many ways of consuming coffee that don't involve liquid coffee. You can even smoke it now (links)
DIYMatt, Jun 04 2014

       Only available in Canada, the Coffee Crisp candy bar is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.
Canuck, Jun 04 2014


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