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Coffee Bandits

Coffee without the spills.
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Love coffee? Hate brewing it and possibly spilling it all over your new Audi TT's seats while swerving through traffic on your way to work? Well here's the answer.

Coffee Bandits are like Bandits created by tobacco companies but contain coffee instead. They could be pre-sweetened/pre-creamered and could come in multiple flavors and strengths. The coffee and optional condiments would be contained in a resilient filter material and could be placed in the mouth to extract their caffeiney goodness. Coffee Bandits would come in individual, week amount, and economy air-tight resealable packaging. Coffee Bandits; for your jolt on the go!

cahill, Dec 10 2004

Skoal Bandits http://www.worthit....s/moresmokeless.asp
FarmerJohn seems close in his description. This is the only site I could find which provided even an oblique definition of Bandits. Turns out that it's not even in the top four sellers within its product category. [jurist, Dec 10 2004]

Coffee Bags Coffee_20bags
Okay, I misremembered it was only a similar thing, but I'm lucky if I remember my own name. [half, Dec 10 2004]


       //Coffee Bandits are like Bandits created by tobacco companies// What are tobacco Bandits? It's difficult to make sense of this idea without knowing.
jurist, Dec 10 2004

       ditto, I thought it was a band of roving gypsies, stealing cups of coffee off office desks, sort of willy-nilly.
blissmiss, Dec 10 2004

       I thought you were siphoning beans out of wholesale coffee trucks that you had pulled over into saddle bags.
mensmaximus, Dec 10 2004

       Maybe it's like the Scandinavian snuff tobacco (snus) to be taken directly or as a small satchel placed under the upper lip to get a nicotine high?
FarmerJohn, Dec 10 2004

       Baked, if you are reffering to strips, ie, like those Listerine Oral Care Strips. There's a company that has developed coffee strips with the dose of a couple of espressos.I'll try and find a link.
skinflaps, Dec 10 2004

       [recalls the cowboy/goat roper crowd from high school]...I think "Bandits" is the Skoal chewing tobacco brand's name for snuff/chew in a teabaggy-sort-of-pouch thing. I guess it's less messy?   

       Seems that I vaguely recall a discussion here about this very thing. Folger's Singles I think was the name of a teabag like coffee brewing product that was mentioned.
half, Dec 10 2004

       I used to dip bandits. We danced the night away, and . . . no - - wait.   

       Yeah, they're small, porous pouches of chewing tobacco, about 1/6 or 1/8th the size of a teabag. You pop it in between your cheek and gum and that way you don't get any of the tobacco between your teeth, or accidentally swallow leaf.   

       Coffee Bandits probably wouldn't be too effective, because for it to be conveniently sized to fit in your mouth, it would be too small to provide much caffeine. Anyway, [+]
contracts, Dec 10 2004

       //the cowboy/goat roper crowd//   

       Oh God, I read that wrong at first. That was disturbing.
harderthanjesus, Dec 12 2004

       As to the links, //jolt coffee gum// isn't coffee. It's mint flavored. It's gum. Not coffee. Not bandit-like at all.   

       //skoal bandits//, Thanks for finding this one.   

       The point of this is not to have to brew anything. You put the thing in your mouth. In response to [contracts] "too small to provide much caffeine", you're right. I didn't think about that. But I'm sure we could enrich them with caffeine for the die-hard coffee drinker.
cahill, Dec 13 2004

       i think this is a brilliant idea! i found this site when i was looking for this very product. there could be mocha flavored ones too.... i've been using snus lately in order to distract me from constantly snacking. coffee flavored pouches would provide a nice buzz and could taste good, too. i bet there is a way to pack enough caffeine into a "mini pouch", which doesn't even show when you have it in your mouth. again, great idea!
mjoy0, Jan 03 2005

       I wish I could bun it again.
contracts, Jan 03 2005

       bun it?
mjoy0, Jan 03 2005

       Yes, give it a favorable vote.
contracts, Jan 03 2005

       sorry, don't quite know the lingo:)
mjoy0, Jan 03 2005


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