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Coffee Cubes

Like sugar cubes, only coffee.
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Way easier than the retrograde coffee bag, or liquid coffee (WHY!?), more like Persil tablets or stock cubes. Also not like coffee ice cubes, which are baked by Martha Stewart, but not strong enough to make a cup with.

These are, obviously, instant coffee shaped into a cube, for easy use. They would come in strong or weak cube sizes. Other polyhedra would also be nice.

pottedstu, Sep 27 2001

(?) Anti-ice cubes http://users.aol.co...cklynne/hotcube.htm
Just the thing for keeping your cube coffee drink warm. [pottedstu, Sep 27 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Coffee Ice Cubes http://www.marthast...222&idContentType=1
Also works with wine. Gin may be a problem, though. [pottedstu, Sep 27 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Getting there... https://newatlas.co...table-coffee-balls/
[whatrock, Sep 17 2022]


       Any idea involving coffee is a good idea. This would allow one to avoid using spoons all together. Down with spoons!
mighty_cheese, Sep 27 2001

       This one could make it to the shelves, I'd make just one strength, normal? people who like it strong would just use two. Great idea I give you my bread.
darndog, Sep 27 2001

       The advantage of instant coffee in powdered or granulated form, is that you can choose exactly how strong or weak you wish your caffiene jolt to be.

       Instant stock seems to be more popular in granulated form now, for precisely the same reason. When you add in the additional packaging needed to individually wrap the cubes, this seems to be a decidedly retrograde idea.
Lemon, Sep 27 2001

       Lemon: You are absolutly right about the big /small measures with granules but you overlook the fun gimmicky factor of cubes and the desperation of the beverage industry to distinguish their product, just look at the variety of T bag designs.
darndog, Sep 27 2001

       Hmmm "fun gimmicky factor", "distinguish their product". Sounds like marketing to me.
There's been rather a lot of marketing ideas on the halfbakery recently, and I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to think they don't really belong here, as they're not inventions as such. I'm tempted to vote against all of them as a matter of principle, in order to rail against people who call themselves "creatives" when they don't actually create anything.
Lemon, Sep 27 2001

       Your right of course this is marketing, but so was sliced bread. Making things easier or more attractive/enjoyable to use is surely creative.
darndog, Sep 27 2001

       blissmiss: Symphonies for the senses are fine in the afternoon, but first thing in the morning, I want to cut every action down to the minimum second to enjoy my sleep to the very last snore. Although I draw the line at that cereal with the milk in the lid; it's just rubbish. I guess we all have our limits.
pottedstu, Sep 27 2001

       Tea is nice and dry. Instant coffee starts out that way but if not protected from moisture becomes a thick tar-like lump quite quickly. So you would need to package them in a similar way to more recent Oxo cubes - hermetically sealed aluminium foil/plastic film.   

       Probably expensive and a real pain to open, especially when not in a kitchen with knife or scissors to hand.   

       Now if you came up with an idea for real coffee - similar packaging but with a tear-off strip that reveals holes through which hot water can flow - we might get the 'first from the pack' taste and smell every time. And a special funnel device that the package just snuggles into. Probably even more expensive.
snagger, Sep 27 2001

       Snagger - I think British Rail used to have little individual coffee filter + filter paper + coffee things that went on top of plastic cups, so you just added hot water to the top, left to seep through, and drank. Sadly, it tasted pretty rubbish, but that was probably due to the plastic cup, the stale railway water, etc. I don't know if you still get them anywhere. Would be a nice idea, even though as you say doubtless hugely expensive.
pottedstu, Oct 01 2001

       pottedstu: we had some of those things a couple of years ago, a box of fifteen, I have absolutely no memory of how they tasted, which is usually a bad sign.
darndog, Oct 01 2001

       And now for a post without all those flowery words...
(in other words, a good ole' country boy's view upon the world at large)

       My first thought about this was, if these things are like sugar cubes, but coffee instead, could I eat them raw? I remember eating a few sugar cubes and gettin' a little crazy at my grandmother's house. And I remember eating a few chocolate covered coffee beans at my dad's house. Wonder what would happen if I had a whole cup of coffee in one little cube? Wonder how many I could eat before my heart exploded? Hmmmm, questions questions.
barnzenen, Oct 01 2001

       Back in the 50's, while serving my country(US) in the woods of Germany, we mostly existed on C rations.Since we also slept in tents, Mornings meant boiling water using our helmets then tearing open a Nestcafe packet provided, and stirring it into a canteen cup.Since I often washed and shaved using those 'utencils', I just lit up a ' Lucky'' and injested the instant coffee dry right out of the package. UGH!, you say? Don't knock it before you try it. Did I forget to mention to wash it down with 12% alcohol beer? OH YEAH!!
bluto, May 11 2003

       //, I just lit up a ' Lucky'' and injested the instant coffee dry right out of the package//   

       So to replicate this I need a harsh cigar (since I don't do cigarettes and anyway it's impossible to get a 1950's style cigarette in 2022) a packet of instant coffee (what brand?) and 12% beer. (what brand?)   

       I should first take a big puff on the cigar, then pour the coffee packet into my mouth without water, and then swig the beer until the coffee has been washed down. Did I get all that right?
Voice, Sep 17 2022


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