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Coffee Jelly Donuts

Donuts filled with coffee flavored jelly.
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My coworkers and I were discussing the tight synergy between donuts and coffee, and the huge improvement in either with the addition of the other. They already make jelly donuts, except the jelly is sweet and fruity. Instead, how about substituting a coffee flavored jelly instead. The sweet outer donut glaze would be perfectly juxtaposed with the bitter coffee jelly interior.
riromero, Jan 31 2002

Coffee jelly recipe http://www.bartleby.com/87/r1268.html
Fannie Farmer, 1918. Probably better with cream, though. [hello_c, Feb 01 2002]

Illustration of Evolution of Coffee Donut http://comp.uark.ed...s/sym.2/topol.1.gif
Isn't it lovely? [thumbwax, Feb 01 2002]

Tim Tam Slam http://www.toxiccus...australia/food.html
Detailed description of the Tim Tam Slam as described by pottedstu. (scroll down a page or two) [RobRoy, Feb 04 2002]


       Maybe a coffee-flavored cream filling, like the vanilla and chocolate cream fillings they already make. I think a cream or even custard filling would taste better than a coffee jelly.
TeaTotal, Jan 31 2002

       Sounds delicious. Sadly, I don't often get to eat doughnuts. Or donuts.
phoenix, Jan 31 2002

       I'd buy 'em...
StarChaser, Jan 31 2002

       TeaTotal: I was thinking exactly the same thing. Jelly should be fruity (I kinda sorta feel in some intuitive way), but a coffee-flavoured custard filling seems perfectly natural (apart from the preservatives, colourings, flavourings and random e-number additives, that is), not to mention being quite in keeping with the bizarre custard trope that I've come across in some of the older ideas on the 1/2B.   

       Seems to me this idea _has_ to be baked, though. I shall away a-googling, and shall return with either links or croissant. Cause if coffee-donuts ain't baked, they surely should be.
Guy Fox, Feb 01 2002

       Mmm...Krispy Kreme with cream and two sugars.   

       By the way, is the coffee jelly going to be hot? Because if it is, you shouldn't keep 'em in your lap while driving. Hot coffee is bad enough, but hot coffee jelly would be like Napalm. Croissant, either way.
Guncrazy, Feb 01 2002

       Primo! C'mere with those.
reensure, Feb 01 2002

       Please, I have to drink ::less:: coffee. (He says with nearly full black mug on desk 15 mins after arriving at work).
pottedstu, Feb 01 2002

       If you could get real coffee into the thing I'd buy it.
tolly2, Feb 01 2002

-alx, Feb 01 2002

       The other day on So Graham Norton (camp Irish websurfer with horrible suits and his own TV show), top Aussie singing sensation Natalie Imbruglia demonstrated a cunning technique involving biting opposite corners off a chocolate-coated biscuit, sucking tea up into it like a straw, and then devouring the hot-beverage-infused delight. The taste was by all accounts "orgasmic". I believe this is an Australian tradition.   

       Could you do this with an frosting-covered/icing-covered donut? Maybe just use half the donut at a time. Anyone fancy making a really big mess over their PCs?
pottedstu, Feb 01 2002

       Coffee and cream spread, for topping pastries.
reensure, Feb 01 2002

       Donut-flavo(u)red coffee beans.   

       I recently purchased some "Belgian Waffle" flavored beans. Horrid.
waugsqueke, Feb 01 2002

       Sounds like a delicious doughnut, but no one has yet to ask if the cream/jelly gives the same caffene rush that is half of the reason many people drink coffee.
NeverDie, Feb 01 2002

       Science and cuisine call to you, [NeverDie]. You have the recipe, you have the curiosity - report back.   

       (I'd expect the coffee/cream to be about as effective as coffee with a lot of milk and sugar in it.)
hello_c, Feb 01 2002

       "(He says with nearly full black mug on desk 15 mins after arriving at work)."   

       Pff. Lightweight. I have a 52 ounce mug that I finish off in an hour, at work.   

       Waugsqueke: Jelly Belly's coffee flavored jellybeans <Cappuchino and Espresso, I remember offhand> are pretty good...
StarChaser, Feb 02 2002

       NeverDie: if instead of jelly/custard, you used a coffee paste (coffee crystals/ fine grounds with just enough cream to keep it clumped together) it would certainly be more potent than typical coffee. Of course, it would taste wretched and probably be banned by the FDA.
nick_n_uit, Feb 03 2002

       waugs: donut-shaped coffee beans would be better.
pottedstu, Feb 03 2002

thumbwax, Feb 03 2002

       Bless you.
Guy Fox, Feb 03 2002

bluerowan, Feb 03 2002


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