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Coined Colourization

A new kind of piggy bank
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In some countries, the various coins look nearly identitical in shape and color. You may be spending a Boris Johnson when you want to get rid of Margaret Thatcher. Enter "The Colourizing Change Sifter". Like any normal change sorting machine, this device will sort your coin collection by size and shape, but it will also add a preassigned new colour for specific coins. This could be blue around the edges or green with envy, or with some slight jiggery pokery, colours using your own design, possibly adding a lurid coloured pig to David Cameron's lower right.
4and20, Jul 13 2022

Some Australian $2 coins have colour https://www.ramint.gov.au/two-dollar
[xaviergisz, Jul 14 2022]

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       I don't get it.
Voice, Jul 13 2022

       // I don't get it. //   

       I get that quite a bit, and not merely here. It appears that my writeups have so elided the middle-man that only the highest and lowest people can traffic in them.   

       Edit: Have changed "shifter" to "sifter" in idea description. All shifted...
4and20, Jul 13 2022

       [4and20] seems to imagine that recent politicians have their likenesses on the currency.
pertinax, Jul 13 2022

       + but baked in the US: A dirty dime, a copper penny, and silver quarter and a shiny nickel nickel.
pashute, Jul 14 2022


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