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Collapsible Tissue Box

Collapsible Tissue Box - Easy to Grasp Tissues
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Are you tired of trying to dig a tissue from a box that is more than half empty? When the weight of the tissue pulls itself loose from the clear plastic or the slot at the top of the box; when your snotty fingers are groping all of the tissues while trying to grab the edge of the lazy tissue on top of the pile?

Well your troubles are behind you now! Introducing the ACME tissues with the patented collapsible box. When you pull up on the next erect tissue, you gently push down on the top of the box. This traps the next tissue in the ready to grasp position. This handy tissue box is available with the accordion pleated sides or the removable cardboard zipper around the waistline of the attractive box. Order yours today!

tumblewit, Jan 08 2019

Hygenic tissue box Hygenic_20tissue_20box
Useful [8th of 7, Jan 08 2019]

Collapsible Box for Tissues https://patents.goo...atent/US5065936A/en
Should have checked here first. Cancel the retainer check for the patent attorney! [tumblewit, Jan 08 2019]


       We simply reuse the baby wipe containers that are collapsible.
RayfordSteele, Jan 08 2019

       To the extent that tissue boxes are a standard size, one could make a device to retrofit this to existing boxes. It would be a set of toothy metal jaws which would fit over the top of the box and, when sat on, would introduce the necessary perforations to allow a concertina effect.
pertinax, Jan 08 2019

       I offer you a belated welcome.
Voice, Jan 08 2019

       Could be combined with <link>.
8th of 7, Jan 08 2019

       Given that minimization of the described problem is the primary factor on the overall depth of a tissue box and hence directly linked to its capacity, collapsible tissue boxes would naturally be able to break this inherent barrier on the number of tissues stored. A tall box, perhaps three feet high, with an industrial quantity of tissues, utilising perhaps a telescopic collapsing mechanism, would initially live on the floor, then at the halfway mark be transferred to desk-height, and finally collapsing to nothing would resemble a conventional tissue box.
mitxela, Jan 08 2019

       However, supposing the cardboard to be 1/2 a mm thick, and allowing a cm for each zig and each zag of the concertina fold, your three-foot box would still stand about 5cm tall when fully collapsed, leading to the eventual return of the original complaint.
pertinax, Jan 11 2019

       Can not some solution employing combustion be implemented ?
8th of 7, Jan 11 2019


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