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Color changing ribbon in the refrigerator

Easy to see if everything is cool, in both common meanings
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A thin plastic ribbon with a thermochromic coating, clipped to the inlet vent where cold air enters the refrigerator. It will flutter in the breeze when the fridge is working, and change color to show you the approximate temperature

That's as short as I can describe it. Read on for a long boring explanation and how I came up with it.

Recently our refrigerator stopped working - sort of. Freezer was properly freezing but fridge section was room temperature. Vents from freezer section into fridge were blocked by ice. Defrosted everything, but they froze up again a couple days later. After defrosting again, did more testing and found the thermostat in the freezer that was supposed to say "That's cold enough!" was shot. Replaced that and all is well.

ANYHOW - early warning would have helped. A color changing ribbon that flutters a bit when air is flowing properly and is cold enough would be easier to spot than just thinking "Hmm, why is this juice not as cold as it should be?"

a1, Sep 19 2023


       [+] I thought that this was a beautiful idea. We have had several fridge failures in our life when they turned into hot boxes. This is not something not necessarily conducive to health. I would also need a colourful padded jack-in-the-box model to jump out of the door at eyeline if a low-melt temperature wax goes soft.   

       For our freezer in the garage opposite the house, I want it to release a balloon which pops up over the roof.
bhumphrys, Sep 23 2023

       Party LED strips when the door opens.
RayfordSteele, Sep 23 2023

       so the temperature of your fridge depends on your freezer? how odd.   

       Apparently not odd, I just asked my chattybot friend.
po, Sep 27 2023

       Yeah, I didn't know or even think about how it worked either, until I had to fix it.
a1, Sep 27 2023

       Why not a thermometer display inside? No color guesswork, you have the exact temp, which if it's what you think it should be, lets you know the airflow is working.
tatterdemalion, Sep 28 2023

       It’s not just the temperature readout - it’s also to make the airflow visible.
a1, Sep 29 2023

       I bought a thermometer for my fridge. It changed my life. Mildly.
daseva, Sep 29 2023

       // It’s not just the temperature readout - it’s also to make the airflow visible.   

       Hang a piece of string in front. Tape a harmonica to it. Or dangle the thermometer.
tatterdemalion, Oct 02 2023

       I have milk that does this for me.
minoradjustments, Oct 06 2023


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