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Color print with jam

Jam and butter printer for printed toast
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I was inspired by the Toastwriter, something I thought at first was like a inkjet printer where the ink nozzles were replaced bij miniature bunsen burners.

This device would be hugely improved by an additional butter and jam printing mechanism. For this to work, the toast would have to cool down a little first. When the temperature is sufficiently low, the butter printer prints a buttery monochrome image, but in negative, for the butter is pale in relation to the toast. This is the K part of CMYK. After this, the jam printer applies blueberry jam (C), raspberry jam (M) and lemon curd (Y).

Connect with USB, Software PostScript RIP optional.

Ehrm, Sep 30 2005

Printer Jam http://www.b3ta.com/board/3406366
[jurist, Sep 30 2005]


       How is this new? This can't possibly be the first jam in a color printer.
half, Sep 30 2005

       my old printer is toast. i had to fork out a lot of bread for the new one. have you ever needed to fork bread out before when yours was toast?
schmendrick, Sep 30 2005

       Rather punderful there [schmendrick]. Should have started talking about what a jammy situation it left you in. I think that if I'm inspiring an idea, that I'm forced, by law, to like it, and I do, don't get me wrong. But surely the jam/butter would drip down the toast. Or is this a horizontal toaster?
hidden truths, Oct 01 2005


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