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Tarot Toaster

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78 random rotating pictorial heating elements.

6 random cards etched upon the toasties at the breakfast table.

skinflaps, Apr 12 2009


       I see a tall dark bun in your future. +
blissmiss, Apr 12 2009

       This "Death" toast just means "change", right? I don't have to worry, right? [+]
Veho, Apr 12 2009

       "getting fatter by the minute"
po, Apr 12 2009

       Excellent, a family reading together.
wjt, Apr 12 2009

       That was delicious, please may I have another reading Mom?
4whom, Apr 13 2009

       //It would be so cool if you could make one that does this for a croissant.//...or three.
4whom, Apr 13 2009

       + oh yes...That Hanged Man is really hot!
xandram, Apr 13 2009

       Ot that hot man is really hung...   

energy guy, Apr 14 2009

       I could smell the pile of croissants as soon as I saw the title. Here's another for you. Etched with "The Fool".
wagster, Apr 14 2009

       Some designs are going to be far too detailed to accurately display on toast! Grumble grumble +
daseva, Apr 14 2009

       I'm just iching to bun this.   

       Dunking toast fingers within boiled eggs could prove unlucky.
skinflaps, Apr 14 2009

       It can, of course, rotate the elements 180 to produce reversed cards as well, right?
MechE, Apr 14 2009

       With a little re engineering or an occultoast moment.
skinflaps, Dec 02 2010

       Print sliced bread with heat sensitive invisible ink.   

       Then any toaster can be a tarot toaster.   

       (Which religious group will be the first to declare a boycott of tarot bread products ltd? )
popbottle, Aug 13 2014


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