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Say it with Toast!
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This would be similar to a typewriter, but instead of inserting paper, you put toast in.

You type the letters on the keyboard and, instead of imprinting the letters in ink, the (pre-heated to a rather high temperature) bits of metal would that normally do the imprinting, brand the toast with whatever letters or symbols are selected.

This could have multiple uses. Imagine the gratitude when you bring your significant other breakfast in bed that says "I love you" on it. You could be made to literally eat your words. Or, of course, if you are particularly bored, you could amuse yourself with a breakfast full of ;) and :) emoticons.

hidden truths, Sep 29 2005

[Hippo] 's link to Toast Text Messaging http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/1264205.stm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 29 2005]

Toast_20Text_20Messaging [hippo, Sep 30 2005]

Thanks bigsleepy http://www.stumbleu...er-by-sasha-tseng//
It looks real, but alas [blissmiss, Sep 13 2009, last modified Sep 14 2009]


       I got toaster inserts for my brother-in-law-ish last xmas. They are metal sheets with icons and messages stamped out of them - lo-res but fun. Especially if you can still keep your breakfast down after your other half has handed you some toast with a heart and "I love you" burnt onto it.
wagster, Sep 29 2005

       It might be a cheesy/classy addition to the breakfast tray in a posh/glitzy hotel.
zen_tom, Sep 29 2005

       Pun. Bun.
DesertFox, Sep 29 2005

       What do you do if you catch your dog eating your dictionary? ans er take the words right out of his mouth. It's an old one, but I like it. Have diagram drawing of same idea - but I suppose that happens a lot. Well done. Could there be seance toast sessions?
xenzag, Sep 29 2005

       I read [hippo]'s link with a heavy heart [2 fries]. Until then I was hoping to be able to connect this to the internet and receive toast messages from other people. I even had an awful pun to go with it. Oh well.
hidden truths, Sep 29 2005

       Someone had to say it but...wouldn't you put bread in instead of toast so the letters could be toasted on....sorry. Bun though. I like
gorjabuble, Sep 30 2005

       I thought for a moment this would be like a inkjet printer, where the tiny ink- nozzles ware replaced by miniature bunsenburners...   

       (After this, you would transfer you freshly printed toast to the butter and jam printers... The jam printer could also be multicoloured for full colour jam printing. CMYK: blueberry, raspberry, lemoncurd and ehrm... Should I make a seperate entry for this idea, or is it baked already - and toasted?)
Ehrm, Sep 30 2005

       Use 'Search' [Ehrm]. If it hasn't been done, do it.
wagster, Sep 30 2005

       [Wagster] it was sorta-baked:   

       <halfbaked> Toast Text Messaging Weather forecasts and text messages on toast Not my idea - apologies. But I wanted to publicise this in the HalfBakery as an example of how the real world can often be so much more halfbaked than anything we can imagine. See link. hippo, Apr 09 2001 </halfbaked>   

       See link...
Ehrm, Sep 30 2005

       Pretty toast haiku

       Lovely, warm, buttery, brown.

       Chalky hearts be damnned.
nomocrow, Apr 26 2007

       I just realized the site is named, Design Porn. So enter at your own risk, though I didn't go exploring...
blissmiss, Sep 13 2009

       Looks like it is ok... just different source. I'll delete it.
xenzag, Oct 28 2009


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