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Combination Ironing Board/Rechaud

Why have the steam come out of the iron?
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This idea is for an ironing board with a steam generator of its own and pores with rubber covering (heat - resistant mixture, of course, or it's going to smell funny soon...) so the steam just shoots out of the holes you are pressing the iron on at the time. There would be three major advantages: 1. A water tank fitted to the board instead of the iron would be much larger and so allow ironing without having to refill after five shirts. 2. With a hookup to a sink, you could even enjoy "unlimited ammo". 3. If you style the board not to look too much like an ironing board, you can place it next to your dinner table and use it to keep your dishes warm with the power of steam.
Saruman, Jan 24 2004


       1_You'll burn you hands   

       2_As for the water tank, it's called an ironing central.   

       3_You don't want to steam-heat the cloth if it's not flat.
sidi, Jan 24 2004


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