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dryer ironing machine

You put your sorted washed clothes in the new dryer and get them out one by one ready for ...
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the advanced machine and much more expensive one also folds the clothes, and in the most expensive version you just give it the pile of clothes directly from the washing machine and it sorts them out and pairs the socks.

But all that is not the main function of the ironing machine which is to take each shirt and flatten it out (a set of several robotic hands are the best, but it could work mechanically with blasts of air and a set of cameras, the same for pants, skirts and anything you put into the machine, of course setting it to the correct type of clothing, otherwise you get an error.

As the years pass we put out better and better machines, that can do more.

I just read about someone who wrote and published an online Aramaic dictionary with many mistakes in it, then got tons of corrections and is now printing a very good version of his dictionary. I'm thinking maybe this could be a good strategy for HB ideas in general, and the ironing machine in particular. Just give it time and it will iron out all the wrinkles.

pashute, Jan 06 2021

Oh, the Ironing idea by [Shz] [pashute, Jan 06 2021, last modified Feb 09 2021]

Hangered Clothes Cleaning (Washing) Machine Hangered_20Clothes_...(Washing)_20Machine
[pashute, Jan 06 2021]


       This is about the answer to the question about pants, shirts and everything
pashute, Jan 06 2021

       Hey! they stole my old idea. Link: Hangered cleaning closet (washing machine)
pashute, Jan 06 2021


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