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Decreasing hall

To prevent having to iron your clothes
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In the Hall way, a steam clean hot jet would be sprayed onto you as you leave the house in your creased clothes. It would steam clean your clothes and de-crease them at the same time. Thus avoiding the need of your Mum to iron everything. She could use the time to relax maybe.
gizmo, Jul 04 2002


       my clothes are forever decreasing. I am not getting fat(ter) shirley? :)
po, Jul 04 2002

       Just hang your clothes in the bathroom as you take a shower. (Also, note that you do not want to be wearing your clothes while directing jets of steam at them - you will risk serious scalding.)
DrCurry, Jul 04 2002

       Stop calling me shirley... The room could also be used as a sauna/facial cleaning system. Then I wouldn't need a wash -
gizmo, Jul 04 2002

       apologies Mr Gizmo, sir. but it was a typo - I meant to say surely. hey you turning into a teenager or what?
po, Jul 04 2002

       I had a ditzy roommate once who was a "Clinique girl" -- i.e. she wore a phony white lab coat to sell cosmetics at a department store. One day she was reprimanded by her supervisor for having a wrinkled lab coat. So on her break she went to women's wear and borrowed one of their standing steam irons and ironed the front -- while still wearing it. She ended up with 2nd degree burns on her chest.   

       I like the decreasing hall part, though. But what happens if you have one skinny person and one fat person living in the same house? Separate hallways?
magrak, Jul 04 2002

       De-creasing, no?   

       How about a vacuum hallway and steam-generating clothes?
phoenix, Jul 05 2002


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