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electric shock ironing

zap pulls the clothes into shape, and static flattens and dries them
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Wet clothes get electrified pulling them tight in the correct shape then ironed and dried with static electricity.
pashute, Aug 03 2021


       Crap, you kinda beat me to it. (+)
If memory metal strands were woven into fabrics then the heat of the dryer could cause them to un-wrinkle themselves as they cooled.

       Wait... that's totally different. I should post that. Y'know what? I'ma do it.   

       It's more than a little bizarre that I myself was also pondering a mass produced solution to ironing. So I want this to work, and no one posting in Google's spray zone seems to be suggesting something similar. Unfortunately, people whose machines give them static electricity in clothing are already whining and looking for alternatives.
4and20, Aug 03 2021


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