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Bus simulator seats

for trains
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I tried commuting to work on a train. Have to leave at the exact time, about fifteen minutes prior to the train's departure and walk to the station. Then stand around waiting for it to arrive. All good fun.

But once I get on it and sit down, there is something missing. The movement is different. The bus used to shake and rattle over the (badly potholed) road and twist and turn over the hilly roads (it's the terrain, quite unlike, say, Holland). So, instead of nodding off to sleep, I sit tensely, wondering what is wrong with this cart.

What I need is a seat with a built in shake transformation effect. The low frequency high amplitude oscillations have to be converted to the high frequency vibrations of the bus. The train sounds can be filtered out and bussy sounds substituted by headphones.

Maybe a coach be reserved for those people wishing to have a bus like ride, available at a premium fare. It might encourage more people to commute by train.

neelandan, May 23 2002


       this sends severe shivers down my spine - UK resident
po, May 23 2002

       This would raise spontaneous, sports-bag-concealed schoolboy errections to a dangerous level.
brewmaster, May 23 2002

       South West Trains are already providing this service. Their ancient, unsafe, constantly delayed rolling stock shakes all over the place.
mcscotland, May 23 2002

       Do you also miss the *GGGGRRRWWWWWWLLLLGG* of the bus gears?
thumbwax, May 23 2002

       Scotrail trains shake, rattle, jolt and bounce all over the shop, and that's including the swanky new ones which consistently tell you you've arrived at Paisley Gilmour Street, when you have, in fact, arrived at Kilwinning. The journey can be quite frightening - especially in the wake of the Potter's Bar rail crash, where I found out that these jolts can lead to derailment. I think I'll walk from now on.....
salachair, May 24 2002

       Ever try one of those vibrating recliners? Pretty much like riding a bus.
mrthingy, May 24 2002


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