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Consumer License

Like a Credit Report, But for Good or Bad Manners
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In my highschool all students were required to pass a mandatory "consumer education" test before graduation to demonstrate that we knew how to do basic life-skills things like balance a checkbook or understand how interest is charged on a loan. This program should be extended to include skills in retail and consumer transactions - people should be required to know how goods get to stores, for example, and what each person in the customer service/retail heirarchy can and can't do to help a customer. Upon turning 18, people would be issued a "Consumer in Good Standing" license, which could be tied to credit or debit card #'s for tracking. When a customer is courteous, a good tipper, a repeat buyer, etc, a retailer can bump up their consumer rating. Customers who are rude, who throw fits in stores, who harass retail employees to do things that are clearly out of their power (when I worked at a bookstore, I can't tell you how many times people blamed me personally when their special orders went on backorder and were late.) would receive negative feedback on their Consumer License. If people received excessive negative feedback, they could be charged extra money for purchases for the man-hours they will inevitably waste in having their wants fulfilled. Customers with very positive ratings could be elegible for discounts, or certain other priviliages, like having your help desk call forwarded to the tech support person who actually has working knowledge of the system in question, or having your customer service call forwarded to a manager who has the authority to actually resolve your claim directly.
feedmewithyourkids, Jul 07 2003


       No matter how well or badly behaved my wife and I are in stores, we invariably find the staff all smiles when our credit cards come out. So what precisely is the incentive for all this?
DrCurry, Jul 07 2003

       I'm half joking w/ this, but I'd love to be able to live in a world where "just browsing" 20 minutes after the store's closing time is a criminal offense.
Or like in the Simpsons, when Homer is given the number for 911 that actually works. I think especially for things like telephone-based customer service a person who can substantiate that they won't lose their temper, will follow directions, and won't call w/ irrelevant issues, will get bumped up a little in the call queue.
feedmewithyourkids, Jul 07 2003

       Yes, [jutta]   

       What corollary is't -I- sense   

       as public literature scheiss-ens   

       forcing rhymes from nonsense (like mis-pronouncing christens?)   

       vile as sundry terrorists' ricins --   

       or o, in peristaltic waves o'o'erwrought   



       please stop me and demand   

       to see my poet's license.
n-pearson, Jul 07 2003

       Already being done in some repects. Certain businesses (big box stores) track the purchasing habits (and marketabilty) of individuals in order to concentrate on those who represent the grestest profit at the least cost. Works good, until you are the one denied a sale item or special because you are a "known hard sell".
humanbean, Dec 30 2005


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