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Conceptual Presents

Real imagination goes into the purchasing of these gifts.
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You give somebody a piece of wrapping paper made into a present like shape or a card addressing a gift to the person, the idea being that the person will never be disappointed with what they receive because it will all be in the mind, so they can imagine they have received anything they want. Altogether a very thoughtful present.
Miss Weston Smith, Nov 21 2002

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       Nice piece of alternative logic - I like that part of it. It is more blessed to give nothing than to receive nothing.
Where do you steal your wrapping paper from?
egbert, Nov 21 2002

       whats a whole load of dosh shaped like?
po, Nov 21 2002

       One empty piece of wrapping paper in the shape of a fishbone for you.
DrCurry, Nov 21 2002

       I got a Harley Davidson when I was 16. I blew the engine with an M-80, which wasn't all that difficult, considering that it was plastic, like the rest of the model.
thumbwax, Nov 21 2002

       I like it. What can I say? I'm cheap.. sue me.
flamebroiledgoodness, Nov 25 2002

       Zen Christmas gifts... Finances dictate me doing something like that this year.   

       My dad is totally famous for his gift humo[u]r. One year, I asked for a memory upgrade for my PC. So he goes to the local butcher shop and gets a jar of pig's brains. For some stupid reason I took it back to college with me and stuck it in the fridge for 4 months. Wonderful roomie I was...
RayfordSteele, Nov 25 2002

       [cheekily] pitty you didn't install the new memory to googal you computing power. No that would have ment taking the lid off and allowing uncontrolled flow.
wjt, Apr 27 2003


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