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Cone Headphones

Headphones that project sound direct to the ear
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Basicly i am sick of being able to hear the environment around me when using my small sony ear phones that lay in the ear. What about developing a cone shape head phone that fits into the ear cutting off any other sounds from entering the ear. E.g Ear plug with speaker. This will mean that you can listen to music without overhearing the environment around you and not having to wear them stupid earmuff headphones.
sharpy, Sep 29 2003

Etymotic Research, Inc http://www.etymotic.com/
Makers of various forms of earplug headphones. As I never tire of pointing out, they work amazingly well and kick your average noise-cancelling headphone's ass. If it had one. [jutta, Feb 01 2005]


       That's baked. Just watch a clip of a U.N general assembly meeting or Canadian Parliament. They have little cone-shaped "ear plugs" to hear the translation of what someone is saying. Hell I have a set of those that came with the first commercial Walkman.
RogerRam, Sep 29 2003

       I'm voting for (whether baked or not - they should be compulsory), but purely fmro the point of view of being the person sitting next to you and your headphones, trying to mind their own business
ivanhoe, Sep 29 2003

       suggested title->Conehead phones...   

       My parental units would never allow such odd earth-culture. Let us now consume mass quantities...
RayfordSteele, Sep 29 2003

       Very baked... radioshack sells several pairs of these with everything from cones to special "morphing" rubber inserts that conform to your ear canal.
scarkner, Sep 29 2003


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