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boiled egg head phones

use egg to amplify your favourite tunes
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Egg, being one of the most useful sound carrying devices, can quickly and easily replace your normal headset. Once boiled, the radiated heat keeps your ears warm during winter months, and can be eaten for lunch with some salt or other available condiments. Is a hit during easter, and is quite the novelty when travelling on the train to work.
benfrost, Jun 28 2002


       I got as far as the second comma, then flipped out a bit. Really not sure about that little factoid.
angel, Jun 28 2002

       I don't understand the yolk.
po, Jun 28 2002

       Plastic headphones wear out fairly quickly as it is, without the added problem of rotting away. How about a plastic headphone base with attachments for the eggs? Might make a nice Easter basket stuffer.
polartomato, Jun 28 2002

       Not sure that the little chicks appreciate the 24/7 ultrasound treatment.
jurist, Jun 30 2002


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