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Consensual Sex Condoms

Prevents "revenge" claims of date rape
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A condom wrapper that have all the legal stuff on consensual sex written on it and a unique code. This condom will be purchased by the female and registered during the purchase. All the male has to do is to keep the wrapper to prove that the sex was consensual.
JohnnyOla, Jun 06 2003

(?) Reuters: "rapex anti-rape female condom" http://today.reuter...-RAPE-CONDOM-DC.XML
"... worn like a tampon, [the Rapex condom] has sharp barbs in it that lock into the rapist's penis and need to be removed surgically which makes it pretty easy to notify the police." [bristolz, Sep 01 2005]

(?) Consent http://www.atomfilm.../sw/content/consent
Very funny short film [imaginality, Sep 24 2006]


       Kind of a mood killer, but a croissant for lookin' out for the victim. Could be a male too, by the way.
goober, Jun 06 2003

       don't forget to get a signature, print name, date and time.
po, Jun 06 2003

       What is the incentive for the woman? This is not proof it's consensual - the man can still date rape her if she decides not to sleep with him after her purchase.   

       Sounds to me like a tasteless rant. Implies that "revenge" claims of date rape are common. Tempted to [m-f-d].
Worldgineer, Jun 06 2003

       <<if she decides not to sleep with him after her purchase.>>   

       If that's the case, she doesn't have to give him the condom.
JohnnyOla, Jun 06 2003

       And he doesn't have to forcibly take it from her, but none the less any concept that doesn't allow for last minute changes is not going to hold any legal weight.
Worldgineer, Jun 06 2003

       Not a rant at all - this sounds quite smart, though it would tend to deflate the moment a bit. Just sign here, initial here and thumb print there...
DrCurry, Jun 06 2003

       ...finger print, nose print, ear print, hair sample, blood sample, urine sample and - afterwards - a semen sample.
phoenix, Jun 06 2003

       A video camera would work.
Worldgineer, Jun 06 2003

       Too easy to defeat. Women can buy these and re-sell them.   

       Maybe it's not a rant, but tasteless - yes.
snarfyguy, Jun 06 2003

       The woman who purchased the condom is REGISTERED. So each condom belongs to a specific woman, And tasteless? How about the innocent man who goes to jail?
JohnnyOla, Jun 06 2003

       //print name, date and time//
//sign here, initial here//
//finger print, nose print, ear print, hair sample, blood sample//

Be sure to get it notarized.
Amos Kito, Jun 06 2003

       So anyone who goes into a registered purchaser's purse (sorry about that tongue-twister) and finds these things can be absolved of anny accusations of date rape, regardless of whether or not she actually did or did not consent. What about a guy who stalks his women at the condom counter, then has his way with them later, after finding the condom she just bought and registered?   

       This is not a compromise for both sexes and is unfair to the woman. I'm going to have to bone this one. <g>
XSarenkaX, Jun 06 2003

       Maybe you could have some kind of 911-type number that you can phone when you're just about to have sex which would send a crack team of lawyers round armed with the requisite contracts...   

       "Step away from that penis, ma'am. And you - raise your hands above your head and point that thing at the floor until you've signed here, here and here..."   

       I don't want to have my spontaneous moments of lust delayed by legal wrangling. Sex can never be made totally safe and devoid of risk - to do so would be to rob it of half of its attraction.
lostdog, Jun 06 2003

       CULA (Condom User License Agreement) Terms.
Blah, blah, blah
I Agree to these terms and am over 18 years of age
I Agree to these terms and am under 18 years of age
I do not agree to these terms
thumbwax, Jun 06 2003

       I know you can get the real deal at http://www.consensualsexform.com   

       Legal and evidently patented. 8 different languages too.   

       I think this really opens the doors of communication which is lacking now.
Mz_Steel, Oct 24 2003

       And, of course, people will love registering each of their sexual encounters on a database of unknown security & origin....
politely, Oct 25 2003

       [JobbyOla]--- you make it sound like if a woman accuses a man of rape he automatically goes to jail. I don't know where you live but here we have courts that require evidence before conviction.   

       [XSarenkaX]---- If you need something bonned you definatly came to the right channel,,,,, well as long as you've already picked up your registered condom.
SystemAdmin, Jan 16 2004

       Hehe... you said... never mind.
Detly, Jan 16 2004

       but what about the consensual sex that did not involve a condom??   

       This is half of a good idea...I guess its good that you posted it here. :) I don't think there is a way to completely protect yourself form the scum that will sleep with you then attempt to sue you later. The only way I can think of is to really get to know the person you are about to have sex with. If you don't then you run the risk that ANYTHING can happen.
babyhawk, Jan 16 2004

       oh-fa goodness sake.   

       there are instances of rape in marriage, there are instances of rape in long-term relationships, and, sadly, there are instances where after 'getting started' in a consensual act one of the parties changes their mind.   

       this ridiculous scheme only supports the notion that once you've 'registered' the condom for sex, its a done deal with no opportunity to back out.   

       yeah, I read what you're saying about it being to prevent date rape claims, but its neither a well considered nor a realistic way of preventing them. don't get me started on your hetero-focussed preventative measure. pa-lease.
seedy em, Jan 18 2004

       //I thought sex was a lot like peeing; once it starts nature must take its course.//   

       well, you thought wrong then didn't you?
seedy em, Jan 19 2004

       The wrong idea in the right place. The problem ispresent, but the idea doesn't solve it.
pietros, Jul 22 2004

       Decent idea, but opens things up to all kinds of issues arising from fraud, theft, resale, etc. Basically a 'get out of jail free' pass for actual rapists. Once the rapists started taking advantage of this product--and they would--it would lose all usefulness for the people it's meant to protect. And as [seedy em] said, consensual sex isn't as black-and-white as some seem to think; boyfriends rape girlfriends and vice versa. A girl could buy one of these condoms intending to have consensual sex, give the guy the condom and then get raped. Or, as has been said, the guy could steal the condom and rape her with it. This one's gone fishing.
disbomber, Apr 09 2005

       My penis forces me to have sex all the time. Is that rape?
daseva, Sep 01 2005

       yes, for example when when it forces you to have sex with yourself but you don't want to.
ixnaum, Sep 03 2005

       Nice way to set the mood.   

       "Honey, could you sign this condom wrapper saying you won't throw me in prison before I put on the whoopie cushion condom that makes farting noises?"
doctorremulac3, Sep 03 2005

       What if he takes the condom from her and then forces her to have sex using the condom?
hazel, Sep 03 2005

       The short film in the link I added presents a much better way of tackling this issue. Well, by 'better' I mean 'funnier'.
imaginality, Sep 24 2006

       The only way to truly guard yourself from rape acquisation from your partner, is risking rape and homicide charges from the government.   

       6P is the key.
Zus, Sep 24 2006


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