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Constant Profile Undergarments

The same, yet different.
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Individuals who lose weight frequently bemoan the necessity of continually purchasing new clothes.

Moan no more; with the new BorgCo constant- profile undergarmets, the problem is solved.

When commencing your weight-loss programme, simply don the special undersuit. A laser scanner then detects and records your body outline. Don your normal garments.

Every day, don the undersuit and undergo a reference scan. The software then pumps water into the individually-addressable cells of the garment- a bit like a g-suit -until your outline is restored.

When you are down to your target weight, cease using the undersuit and go on just one shopping trip for new clothes.

8th of 7, Nov 01 2012

my somewhat similar idea TopographicWear
[xandram, Nov 01 2012]

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       and people will REALLY notice your weight loss. love it
Voice, Nov 01 2012

       "... lost weight ?"
"nah, just changed my shorts."
FlyingToaster, Nov 01 2012


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