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Reactive underwear

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Using nitinol or some other shape-changing material woven into the garment, design reactive underwear that responds to 'the state of things down there.' Too cold? Generate some heat with some resistive filaments. No more shrinkage issues. Herman acting up? Reshape the garment to fit and support. Feeling frisky and don't have a date ... well you get the idea.
RayfordSteele, Jan 08 2002

Dress with self-raising hemline http://www.xslabs.n...k-pages/vilkas.html
Not quite underwear, but getting there. "This initiates a physical conversation between the wearer and the garment, as they fight over control of the bodyís real estate." [jutta, Jan 28 2006]


       sort of underwear bully?
po, Jan 08 2002

       Sorry [RayfordSteele]. If you had suggested 'prank auto-wedgie undies' I could have coughed up a criossant. But you didn't.
phoenix, Jan 09 2002

       I worry that nitinol is becoming the new nanotech/bluetooth/XML ...
wiml, Jan 09 2002

       who is mrthingy?
po, Jan 09 2002

       OK, sure I'll buy 'em. I'll even wear 'em. But as soon as the damned things overreact and crush my nuts, I'm suing.
quarterbaker, Jan 09 2002

       Herman is the little fella that hollers "Darn darn darn!"
thumbwax, Jan 10 2002

       Can I blame this one on the Phantom Baker?
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2002

       Terminator-2 undies. Cool! +   

       Would the heat from a 'silent but deadly' be enough to reshape the alloy? If so, would it jingle, or make lava sounds? Either way, it'd give away my stealth attack!   

       Hmmm... methanol-gas nano fuel cells built into the strands of metal. Power could find many uses down there!
TIB, Jan 29 2006

       Well I wouldn't want my underwear to reactively freeze when I need my engage my equipment. Sometimes I would prefer to be "ready" in advanced vs. having to manually engage the aparatus while my pants are down. I would hate to be in the heat of passion when all of a sudden I get a cold blast to the crotch.
Jscotty, Jan 29 2006


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