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Wrinkle-B-Gone Steaming Undergarments

Don't be Worried About Sitting Down Again!
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Nicely ironed clothes look just right when you put them on in the morning. Unfortunately, sitting down to breakfast, taking the transportation of your choice to work, and pretty much sitting anywhere will wrinkle them up before you know it.

Enter Wrinkle-B-Gone Steaming Undergarments.

Simply slip these on before anything else, then dress as you please. Sensors in the butt and back detect when you are sitting down. When you stand up again, tiny jets of steam directed outward in a few short bursts relax those wrinkles away. Returning home, simply refill the bladder and recharge the unit, both discreetly located at the waistband.

Caution: Do not put the Wrinkle-B-Gone Steaming Undergarments on inside out.

Grogster, Sep 26 2010


       Proposed ad tagline: "Are those your Wrinkle-B-Gones, or are you just glad to see me?"
mouseposture, Sep 26 2010

       To the Great Unwashed and the Unrefined, the short bursts of steam may sound like a queasy fart. The research and development team at GROG Inc. is working the issue. However, on the upside, it assures you of ample room on the subway as people scoot away.
Grogster, Sep 26 2010

       //Returning home, simply refill the bladder// Wait, there's an obvious inefficiency here. The garment is located adjacent to a source of fluid which would otherwise be discarded. Only one technical hitch, and that's the odor.
mouseposture, Sep 26 2010

       Easily remedied, [mouse]. One may scent the water in the bladder with the perfume or cologne of one's choice. Alternately, one may scent it with ammonia or Limburger cheese. Different strokes for different folks...
Grogster, Sep 26 2010

       Like Pavlov, then?
Grogster, Sep 26 2010

       [Ian], so far as I know he might never have had the opportunity to sit down after donning his finery. (maybe he lived next door to his laboratory) I was referring to his experiments with dogs (whom, I'm assuming, were hard pressed) in reference to your anno //...people will come to associate...//.
Grogster, Sep 26 2010

       but it's a wet heat...   

       That's why you should always wear dark pants. You never know...
Grogster, Sep 26 2010


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