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persistence of vision flirtation garment

persistence of vision meets the c string
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most here have viewed persistence of vision items like [link] that trace a shape from a line of light emitters

I just heard abut the c string which may be viewed at [link]

victorias secret has a thing about writing the word pink on things

now visualize a c string creating persistence of vision flirtatious visions

beanangel, Mar 27 2008

persistence of vision item http://www.flickr.c...os/5volt/354929527/
[beanangel, Mar 27 2008]

c string http://www.youtube....lated&v=zcoznUtqtxo
[beanangel, Mar 27 2008]

walking people near persistence of vision light emitters create images http://everything2.com/?node_id=1139685
[beanangel, Mar 27 2008]


       [Treon] This idea appeared only two minutes after your previous one. What did you do with the other 90 seconds?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2008

       Unless I misunderstand, only the bionic woman could provide the desired effect (with her ability to run at the super speed that the persistance of vision effect requires). Unless I'm missing something?
globaltourniquet, Mar 27 2008

       as a person walks around with their gaze at the c string images appear   

       there is a stationary light emitter art piece at a seattle transit place [link] that is syncrovisibilized from the people walking
beanangel, Mar 27 2008

       The problem is that the curvature on the upper surface will cause turbulence at lower speeds, and the boundary layer will detach more easily. You might get away with it if you used the new microfluidic technology which squirts air out onto the wing surface from little nozzles, creating a stable boundary layer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2008

       But then it will look like the young lady has wet herself, won't it, [Max]...? Which, depending on the message...
globaltourniquet, Mar 27 2008


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