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Corduroy crop-circle cutter

Aliens landed in my closet.
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This device resembles a pair of compasses, except that, in place of a pencil, the non-spike end has something like a very narrow safety razor.

You use it to shave concentric patterns on your corduroy trousers or jacket, and then claim extra-terrestrial origins for them.

Of course, if evil, you could use it to shave concentric patterns in someone else's corduroys while they slept.

pertinax, Aug 02 2006

Merkur small razor blade http://www.classics...m/522941/196013.htm
Smaller safety razor type blade for corduroy cicles [strange606, Aug 03 2006]


       I'll go with the last paragraph [+]
skinflaps, Aug 02 2006

monojohnny, Aug 02 2006

       I don't own any corduroy, but I'd be more likely to if I knew I could lay my hands on a Corduroy crop-circle cutter...
zen_tom, Aug 02 2006

       Brilliant idea. Quiz question: What was the race of microscopically small aliens in the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy called who arrived on Earth and were eaten by a small dog?
hippo, Aug 02 2006

       From memory, the Hartravartid?
angel, Aug 02 2006

       or possibly the "Vl'hurg"....
monojohnny, Aug 02 2006

       [pertinax] - if you get this working, you'd make a fortune in Camden Market.....quick - patent it !
monojohnny, Aug 02 2006

       + cool, cuz I don't care for plain old regular corduroy.
xandram, Aug 02 2006

       //quick - patent it !//   

       Too late!!
Jinbish, Aug 02 2006

       Can it also be used on body hair?
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 02 2006

       In that case, I think the person might wake up.
pertinax, Aug 02 2006

       The G'Gugvuntt and the Vl'hurg joined forces to attack Earth, and were swallowed by a small dog.
spidermother, Aug 02 2006

       [Spidermother], is spidermother what was said about the leaders' mother? Funny you should make that anno.
zeno, Aug 02 2006

       But any corduroy circles expert would immediately notice the individual hairs are cut, instead of folded without breaking.   

       +, made me laugh.
zeno, Aug 02 2006

       Or simply cut crop semi-circles to create fully ventilated trousers, allbeit very stupid looking ones. [+]
Mr Phase, Aug 03 2006

       Nice! [+] I recommend using a moustache-trimming blade (link)
strange606, Aug 03 2006

       "Pardon me, don't mind the noise- I have a hovering spacecraft in my pants."   

       "Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days? Who knew?"
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 04 2006

       corduroy, sounds a little twisted, i'm looking to burn circles into old CDs and use them for coasters
UfosOverChina, Aug 04 2006


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