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dipped knees

squirt glue on surface of liquid, place jean material on mixture, dry, sew jeans
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I got caught in the workshop with a good pair of jeans. Where I knelt was exactly where the expanding glue had oozed out of the left caulking gun. While slightly annoyed, the pattern was kind of elegant and knowing there would eventually be holes there, this got me putting 1 and one together.

What if my jeans could have a raised glue patterned surface on/into the jean material. The pattern would be artistic enough to pass as a good pair but hardy enough to give increased wear at the knees. Sort of a glue bonding that gives the material inbuilt knee padding and extra wear strength.

The liquid surface suspension printing of the glue would give an myriad of artistic opportunities from tire tread, fingerprints to any regular tiling desiired. Nature has some beautiful patterning that would be very apt.

Finally, the Lego block has a nemesis.

wjt, Nov 28 2021

hubris, ate, nemesis http://rtw.heavenga...on=ct&f=40,8608,,30
[pertinax, Nov 29 2021]


       Just glue Legos to your jeans and change the styles at will.
RayfordSteele, Nov 28 2021

       A few years ago I launched Kneetwos..... If you want to join the kneetwos you can email me at kneetwos@gmail.com and I'll send you membership details.
xenzag, Nov 28 2021

       //the Lego block has a nemesis//   

       In the name of retroactive continuity, the next Lego movie must therefore fill in the back-story of the hubris and ate of the Lego block.
pertinax, Nov 29 2021

       Mmmm, fate of the Lego block? A lone lost sentient plastic block floating through space among the stars, slowly on its gravitation to black hole eventual extrusion.   

       Kneetwos, a part of experience, no over adulation necessary..
wjt, Nov 30 2021


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