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Cosmetic Surgery

All natural surgery!!!
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Flabby arms? Big-boned? Don't have those pouty lips you've always wanted? Not happy with your shape? Want to shrink you stomach but increase your bust? Want to get cosmetic surgery but with an all natural approach? Try this: now you can make those love handles and stomach disappear and reroute the fat to where you'd like to go. What would I do? Get rid of some of this jello-type celluloid behind me and get a breast augmentation procedure!!! It's new, it's natural, it's all you! It's absolutely perfect!!!!!! Why didn't somebody else think of this before?!?!?!?
gette30, Dec 06 2000


       Is there an idea here? All I see is needs and punctuation.
jutta, Dec 06 2000

       Remember Geraldo Rivera? He had fat removed from his butt and injected into his eye area (to reduce the appearance of wrinkles) He did a whole show about it quite a few years back, but I don't know if this is an in-office procedure now.
oic, Dec 06 2000

leefryder, Dec 08 2000

       After routable, can it be addressable? ("I'm not talking to you, honey, just your steat. Route that wiggle over here to mine.")
hello_c, Dec 09 2000

       I'm sure that you can think of some flat-chested women with flabby thighs. I'm certain that they'd appreciate such a procedure!
gette30, Feb 12 2001

       What procedure? All you say is "now you can ...", but not how.
jutta, Feb 12 2001, last modified May 18 2001


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