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Tit Flask

We're often told that breast is best, so here's an implant to beat the rest!
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This idea is similar to the Alcoholic Waterbra but longer lasting. Personally I don't agree with implants but if you're going to have them you might as well make them multifunctional. With the implants the nipple area has a small valve into which alcohol is deposited, the 'bag' inside can hold various amounts and the drink is obtained by simply sucking on the nipple or a discrete straw/tube attached to it. Not only do your breasts look great at the beginning of the evening, but towards the end when everyone is too bladdered to notice you can let them gently go down as you have a refreshing drink. This also opens up all kinds of opportunites for flirting and party tricks, and is a modern hands free version of the hip flask.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 18 2001

Alcoholic Waterbra http://www.halfbake...lcoholic_20waterbra
Alcoholic Waterbra idea [Jim, Sep 18 2001]

Push-me-pull-you multiway bra http://www.halfbake...ou_20multiway_20bra
dual purpose bra for the bum and breasts [Miss Weston Smith, Sep 18 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Would also work great for guys who weren't breast fed enough as babies.... i think it's great
shaggysin, Sep 18 2001

       There was an L Ron Hubbard book where a woman had breasts that dispensed champagne, not the kind of thing you forget. I've no idea if it was an implant or genetic engineering though, and can't find any relevant links on the web, but a search on Google for "ron hubbard breasts champagne" does turn up some odd results.
Jim, Sep 18 2001

       Jim -- I'll bet it does. I'll also bet that if you do a search on "famous Scientologist Hubbard fright mask," John Travolta shows up at your door with a bunch of thugs, growling, "You're coming with me."   

       Re this splendid idea: it would completely revolutionize the average girl's arsenal of "flirting" tactics. Miss Smith's invention could change the world. I'm for it!
1percent, Sep 19 2001

       Please, NOOOOOOOOOOO! Australia just had to put up with this on our odious version of Big Brother. A rather fat contestant called Sara Marie, the manager of a strip club, used to pour drinks with the bottle under her breasts, and WE'VE HAD ENOUGH!
QuadAlpha, Sep 19 2001

       No way! How do you discover you have a talent like that? I mean, does somebody come up to you and say "hey, you know you really ought to consider holding wine bottles with those!" This whole hands free thing is going beyond me.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 19 2001

       hee hee Could I like put milk in them? hee hee He said tit.
uneasy, Sep 19 2001

       Presumably they should only contain non carbonated drinks, as I could imagine the fallout (sic) would be spectacular while boogying down at the local club. This would also be a hazard whilst jogging, I would also envisage haveing 'careful whilst handling under pressure' emblazoned somewhere on their upper body.
fretzman, Sep 19 2001

       Fretzman: I'm sure I've seen that phrase written on a t-shirt somewhere. If not, it should be.   

       Carbonated drinks could bring a completely new kind of entertainment into clubs. You could have a pole dancer and water feature all in one. Maybe there could be something a bit like a widget put in to make still drinks come out fizzy.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 19 2001

       reminiscent of the old WWII line about the GI who was court-martialed for drinking milk out of a WAC's container . . .
daruma, Sep 19 2001

       all that weight must be bad for the back
po, Sep 19 2001

       It depends on how big you want to make your breasts and how much you drink. However, if that's a problem just use the Push-me-pull-you-multiway bra. See link.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 19 2001


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