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natural breast enlargements

Think liposuction, skin grafts and dialysis...
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Many women are genuinely unhappy with the size of their mammary articles. In extreme cases this can lead to stress, depression, be a contributing factor in agoraphobia, and so on.

Liposuction takes fatty tissue out of areas where you don't want it. Skin grafts use skin from one part of your body to patch up another part. Dialysis is probably not the word I'm looking for but unless I'm much mistaken, it's a process that basically shifts material from one place to another.

Now, I know there are things about this that completely won't work but... bear with me for a sec. Imagine you could take fatty tissue for example your thighs and re-locate it to your breasts. No need for dangerous silicone, no need to have those unnatural implants replaced every few years at a cost of x thousand pounds/dollars/whatever.

The problems (before someone else comes up with them...) are thus: Tissue needs time to 'take', otherwise it will not so much be 'rejected' but it will simply rot, i.e. go gangrenous. This is not a very nice thought when we're dealing with boobs, which quite a lot of people find strangely fascinating and attractive. So this is why I mentioned dialysis - I mean there would probably need to be a process where you can gradually add more and more fatty tissue from the place where you didn't want it, to the place where you do want it. This in practice would mean some kind of keyhole surgery system. It also would take a fairly significant length of time. (But people wouldn't notice the change so much since it had happened over a period of time...)

So it might be quite expensive, and you would need a doctor to monitor the tissues and probably to help keep it all in the right shape. But against the major health concerns of having a couple of bags of silicone shoved under your skin, and the continual forced investment in their removal and replacement, I'd buy it. (If I was at all insecure about my own puppies, which I'm not.)

Apologies for the Brit colloquialisms. Someone else can explain.

lewisgirl, May 18 2001

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I had some trouble understanding the writer, but apparently this is the same idea. [jutta, May 18 2001]

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Nothing to do with mammaries. [lummox, May 18 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Another, less invasive route to the same end Spray-on_20Implants
Although the idea [lewisgirl] had would be interesting if you installed the pump and plumbing so any waistline gains were routinely redistributed - I'm guessing you'd want to have an on/off switch also [normzone, May 02 2014]


       as far as enlargements go, this would be as natural as you can get. In fact, my friend's just been on the phone to tell me they already do it. And she's a medic.
lewisgirl, May 18 2001

       UnaBubba: I'd love to argue that point with you, but I can only read the words "Natural breast" before my mind wanders....
mcscotland, May 18 2001

       Lewisgirl: Dialysis is the process of filtering the accumulated waste products of metabolism from the blood of a patient whose kidneys aren't working properly, using a kidney machine.
PeterSealy: You must not check fashion trends very frequently. The flat-chested thing was out, way out, long ago.
UnaBubba: The fascination is with nicely shaped breasts, not necessarily big ones. It's a beauty thing. Nice, upturned, breasts are simply quite gorgeous. It does take some size but not too much.
lummox, May 18 2001

       I'm not an expert on breasts, but i often ike to think (and tell people) that i am. I'm sure there is a natural product that you can buy in the Netherlands to enlarge your...erm...lapell area. It consists of herbsand stuff in the form of a capsule. As far is i know, it can only be made available to you if a you are female.   

       [I'm also an expert on the combustion of cart people]
[ sctld ], May 18 2001

       PeterSealy: see link
lummox, May 18 2001

       I knew a fellow afflicted with chronic sinusitus, and adipose tissue from his abdomen was used to pack the damaged sinuses (I'm not sure how that was supposed to help, but that was the treatment). Surgery for decorative purposes isn't something I'd bother with, but, well, whatever floats your two wombats in the bush.
Dog Ed, May 19 2001

       PeterSealy: Fashion may, this year, prefer flat-chested anorexics (or was it last year?) but the expense of having had enlargements last year pretty much means that you can't very well ditch them just for this season! mcscotland: we know. This is why we wave our breasts at you if we can't be bothered trying to get an intelligent conversation out of you... waugs: good point. lummox: thanks. I know what dialysis is, but it's the general concept of sticking a tube in and moving some material somewhere else that I was trying to illustrate. Mephista: Yes, apparently the surgeons have already seen and started to fill this gap in the market. Sure, shape is more important than size - and if it worked, this could sort out people with lumpy, mis-shapen breasts or even those that had had a mastectomy, perhaps? Dog Ed: decorative surgery wasn't the main point - it's for people that feel they need it, not those who want it out of vanity. Wombats? eh?!
lewisgirl, May 21 2001

       Since the stated motivation for this idea was the "stress, depression, ...agoraphobia, and so on" arising from a woman's genuine unhappiness with her body shape, wouldn't it be simpler (though perhaps not easier), cheaper, and certainly more healthy (both physiologically and psychologically) to persuade her to seek her happiness in the quality of her character, her achievements, her relationships, etc. (i.e., the things that actually merit value) rather than her chance conformance to a fairly rare body shape?
beauxeault, May 22 2001

       Cosmetic surgery may seem shallow, and rightly so, when you only think of overtanned people in Los Angeles getting their noses bobbed, chins tucked, buts lifted, lips injected and boobs done. But cosmetic surgery can also be an important way to make one happy with one's own body. I think you'll find that many people getting cosmetic surgery are not doing it to match up to fashion magazines but to match their ideal image of themselves. And if you feel this to be shallow, you should extend that feeling to getting tattoos, wearing makeup, coloring one's hair, dressing nicely, exercising and showering regularly.   

       And if you wish to claim that we are all brainwashed into believing that an arbitrary look is the ideal, I would say 1) there's evidence that certain physical characteristics are appealing worldwide, suggesting an evolutionary basis as opposed to a cultural one, and 2) fashion is too mercurial to be monolithic. The very statements "flat-chested women are in" and "large-breasted women are in" are silly, because at any one time you will have women of all descriptions that are universally agreed upon as attractive. (Men too.)   

       Ideally we should all be happy with our character, acheivements, and relationships, but it would be nice to be happy with our physical selves as well. Despite mind-body dualism, we are just as much the meat we're made of as the lofty thoughts we have and virtuous deeds we do.   

       lewisgirl painted herself into a bit of a corner by focusing on breast enlargements, but her idea for body sculpting using the body's own materials is a good one. (Though baked.)
ejs, May 22 2001

       Peter my dear,   

       thanks for the pep talk but to be absolutely honest this was definitely not an idea born out of physique dissatisfaction. Neither my breasts nor my hips, thighs, bottom, knees, nose, ears (I could go on)... are in any need or want of what I'm suggesting. (was going to put link to own website but remembering vast perv culture on internet). Picking at random... did you suggest pet sex toys because you feel like a hamster at heart and needed some stimulation? no? QED.   

       yours ever,
lewisgirl, May 24 2001

       my god! how many times do I have to tell you guys? IT'S NOT FOR ME!!! It's not for my friend either, it's not because my boyfriend hasn't told me how beautiful I am since last week, it's not because I'm unsure of my sexuality, it's not because I read Cosmo once and felt inferior to all the models in it, it's not it's not it's not. Read the idea properly! I said women who are unhappy i.e. clinically depressed. I thought, but didn't include, the type that PS suggested: post-cancer undergoing restorative surgery. Please believe me, I have great tits!
lewisgirl, May 25 2001, last modified Jun 08 2001

       PS: I don't understand. And having just learned about this </...> thing, I'll close yours, shall I? (btw is it: If I said you had a beautiful body...?)</obligatory holding it against us comment>
lewisgirl, Jun 15 2001

       PeterSealy: thank you. I already had a chapter of Rods Tiger's book sent to me explaining xml, which I didn't know anything about before. I learn something new on this site every day. Truly the highest concentration of intelligent life I've yet found on the internet. No need for perfect bodies (breast size included) with the intelligence that exists here, I think.
lewisgirl, Jun 15 2001

       In using tags perhaps it would be hackiest of us to include the intended specification (such as <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN"> or ANSI C) so that we all are absolutely clear which format is being used to delineate the tag. Gaah. No, let's just wing it instead.
Dog Ed, Jun 15 2001

       I deprecate your <3.2 Final> and raise you <4.01>.
angel, Jun 16 2001

       Rods: Damn. Are you sure? Perhaps we need to propose it. <TITS="D-cup">00</TITS>   

       lewisgirl: Quite a ways back in the thread: 'two wombats in the bush' was an effort to Use Bizzare Metaphors. And seriously, I can see that there are psychological and physical reasons for breast surgery. This idea sparked some lovely discussion about personal aesthetics but it's really about surgical technique--and in that light it's certainly worth looking at.
Dog Ed, Jun 16 2001

       Pressurized milk injectors.
RayfordSteele, Apr 30 2002

       Fat transfer used to be widely used, but has two main drawbacks. It does have a tendency to form hard lumps, and it can be quickly reabsorbed by the body.
Helium, Apr 30 2002

       Helium, I had made both of those points in a previous life annotation to this idea (see lewis's response - "waugs: good point" - to the imaginary waugsqueke).
waugsqueke, May 01 2002

Helium, May 01 2002

       Nothing beats the real thing(S).!:!:!:!   

sirau, May 15 2003

       [lewisgirl] I feel your pain regarding trying to explain what you're intending, and I have to say I agree with what you're proposing. I would imaging tissue rejection wouldn't be quite an issue when dealing with moving tissue within an individuals own body, no ? Especially if tissue is selected carefully.   

       [UB] when I read your opening comment, you lost every shred of credibility with me, but having read your personal story, I understand. "Large" is a relative term.   

       Also, in the interest of correctness, [Lewisgirl] I would propose that the word "natural" be reconsidered.
mahatma, May 15 2003

       UnaBubba posted: "I'll never understand men's apparent fascination with large breasts". Reminds me of a line from That Uncertain Feeling, by Kingsley Amis. The hero (Lewis, I think) is watch two women play tennis: "He wondered why it was that he liked girls breasts so much? He knew why he liked girls breasts alright... but why did he like them so much?" (paraphrase from memory)
richard b, Dec 22 2003

       Hello everyone. In re: breast enlargement via moving adipose tissue to breast area. I know second hand of a md who is seriously studying this. As I understand it the major problem at the moment is the extraction from and then the reinsertion of said adipose. There seems to be an extensive bruising and coad facor involved altho i amnot to up on details. It has been over a year since I last visited with this doctors associates so I do not know if the problems were resolved or are still on going....Cheers JINIAN 28 Dec 2003
JINIAN, Dec 28 2003

       " I knew a fellow afflicted with chronic sinusitus, and adipose tissue from his abdomen was used to pack the damaged sinuses (I'm not sure how that was supposed to help, but that was the treatment). Surgery for decorative purposes isn't something I'd bother with, but, well, whatever floats your two wombats in the bush. — Dog Ed, May 19 2001 "   

       Interesting to find this - my brother had this same operation.   

       Oh, and this idea reminded me of one of my own (link).
normzone, May 02 2014

       What about women taking Pueraria Mirifica?
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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