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Tit Head

Cephalic breast augmentation.
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An oversized prosthetic nipple that can be attached to the shaved scalp of a man or a woman to give the impression that their head is a giant boob.

This should be sufficiently perplexing to bystanders to distract them from the fact that you are queue-jumping/shoplifting/recruiting for an anti-Big Brother terrorist cell, allowing you to proceed undisturbed.

Wagster Ideas Ltd would like to apologise for the levity in this idea, we would like to assure you that normal baking service will resume after the silly season is over.

wagster, Aug 21 2005

(???) The "evil link" Autoboner2
A hint for [po] as to how [worldgineer] might have done it [Susan, Aug 24 2005]


       twit! thats funny though.
po, Aug 21 2005

       Very nice [+].
hidden truths, Aug 21 2005

       the third nipple compliments the third eye
benfrost, Aug 23 2005

       Something Like " Sinead baldly goes where no Teletubbie has ever gone before"?   

       This is one quarter baked being that there are allready fake boobs out on the market and bold man seem to wear it a lot to parties (and eventually on their heads). The only thing, they would have to do, is cut it in half and then cut out the nipple...   

       Ok, I see your point. Prefab is much better.
Susan, Aug 23 2005

       I thought I saw lots of blokes wearing these at the JPII funeral.
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 23 2005

       Would this thing be filled with silicone? Would it undulate hypnotically as you walked? Would it require a bra hat? [+]
ldischler, Aug 23 2005

       I guess [po]'d only be interested if it was painted sparkly green.
Dub, Aug 23 2005

       [Dub] you are losing it!
po, Aug 23 2005

       [po]I was only reflecting on what I found when I typed nipple into the search. Was [Nipple paint] by a different [po]?
Dub, Aug 23 2005

po, Aug 23 2005

       [po]-Ah, that enigmatic emoticon. Rude thing!   

       OT Did you see myTooting ref in [Call it Persephone anyway]?
Dub, Aug 23 2005

       Hang-on, I just spotted a flaw: You wouldn't be able to put your hat on when it was cold.
Dub, Aug 24 2005

       [Pa've] Ah, and that'd be where the quaint old Northern-England phrase "Titfer" came from, and not "Tit for Tat" as has previously been presumed! Good show! Shame [Tabs] isn't around, he'd tell us!
Dub, Aug 24 2005

       Hello?.... hello?...must be out back. (A sinister shadow moves inside the Bakery, unnoticed by [Dub])
Dub, Aug 24 2005

       This could be any cold, dark corner of the web, but the appearance of a sinister shadow holds forth a shield of substance, an enigma of tact, that hangers-on know as the Halfbakery twilight zone.
reensure, Aug 24 2005

       nenineni nenineni neninenitum tum...
Susan, Aug 24 2005

       "Submitted for your attention... [Tabs] took a flight from a place (s)he was familiar with... through a place some people call..." <fade in please [Susan]>
Dub, Aug 24 2005

       frumpdilyicious pollywog bakerloo
JesusHChrist, Aug 24 2005

       I have no idea what some of the internal conversations amongst the old-timers are about, but even I didn't expect that. (BTW, if there is something you old-timers would rather be called than...old-timers, let me know).
sleeka, Aug 24 2005

       . : )
Worldgineer, Aug 24 2005

       apparently [world] is not here yet!   

       10/2/06 ? how did you do that?
po, Aug 24 2005

       This is all preparation for my next life as a 'baker. Actually, I forgot I had done it - I learned that trick from [pluterday].
Worldgineer, Aug 24 2005

       Supercallifragilistic expliadidoses   

       [dub] TEH TIWLTIGHONZE ([zeno], by my side, is not getting it, [po], please explain, lest I have to put him in the basement again)   

       [sleeka] 1\2 old timers would do.   

       P.s [po] it has to do with [worldgineer]'s timetravel idea...
Susan, Aug 24 2005

       <pulls on silver jumpsuit - clicks heels - eyes tight shut - wishes hard (till it bleeds)> nothing fecking happens...!   

       <skulks away disappointed...>
po, Aug 24 2005

       // I forgot I had done it - I learned that trick from [pluterday]//
<runs back to her time machine...still there...what on earth was old great-granddad talking about?...oh!>
pluterday, Aug 24 2005

       Wow, these threads get bizarre! It's fun reading, if only to try to figure out *anything* about the 1/2 old-timers involved.
sleeka, Aug 25 2005

       That's one way to get guys to look away from a woman's chest..
moPuddin, Aug 25 2005


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