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breast station

never run out of gas again
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it's a common sterio type that females are less mechanicly inclined than men and tend to not know when the best time to fill up the gas tank is. problem solved! make breast implants that can store gassoline for those days that you run out of gass in the middle of nowhere. you'd have to get some sort of flame retardent material to hold the gass in case of firre but imagine how many hours of being stuck at the side of the rode you can save. the bigger the breasts the farther you can go. or maybe you can include a small gassoline stove for camping.
masher, Jun 02 2004


       You might have better luck with a car that ran on milk.
ldischler, Jun 02 2004

       I can't decide which is worse - this idea or your spelling.
dobtabulous, Jun 02 2004

       At least it wasn't an idea to genetically engineer cows to produce gasoline. No, I guess even that would have been better.
Worldgineer, Jun 02 2004

bristolz, Jun 02 2004

       You're on a roll, [masher]. My favorite line "gass in case of firre."   

       //the bigger the breasts the farther you can go.//   

       We hear that all our lives.
k_sra, Jun 02 2004

       //genetically engineer cows to produce gasoline// Does not require genetic engineering. If you melt the butter is works just fine as Diesel. You only have to switch to regular Diesel when the engine is cold or just before you stop and let it cool down. Butter would clog up a cold engine.
kbecker, Jun 02 2004

       Sounds like a good puzzle for some kind of odd quiz show: "You're car is out of diesel in the middle of a desert. You are a lactating woman with large breasts. You have in your car a pack of matches, a helium balloon, two packs of gum, and a butter churner. How do you make it to the next gas station?"
Worldgineer, Jun 02 2004

       I still don't understand how we can genetically engineer cows to churn their own milk
eyeguy, Jun 02 2004

       Sorry ma’am but you have to have a certified jerry can in order to take the gas from this pump, it says right on the sign No Jugs.   

       Just pray you avoid hot flashes.
RayfordSteele, Jun 05 2004

       Cigarette lighter nipple attachment?
wagster, Jun 05 2004


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