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Black hole-enriched beauty products

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This remarkable new anti-ageing skin cream contains actual microscopic black holes (each one, say, the size of an atom with anything up to a milligram of mass). Because these black holes slow down time in their vicinity, the manufacturer can just about support the normally idiotic claims about combating ageing.
hippo, May 11 2016


       if it enters the food chain, what damage will it do?
po, May 11 2016

       I wonder what a microscopic black hole would taste like
hippo, May 11 2016

       Below a certain size black holes are unstable. You'll have a few nanoseconds to apply this cream before your face becomes a superfine mist.
Voice, May 11 2016

       Blackheads and pimples would squeeze themselves, though wound healing may be a problem.
whatrock, May 11 2016

       Mine could definitely use some beauty products, enriched or otherwise.
bungston, May 11 2016

       I still have some face cream my daughter brought back when she was studying in Tel Aviv. It's got Dead Sea stuff in it. Didn't do much. I'm not buying any of your Black hole stuff, it sounds like a gimmick to me. And to you, apparently.
blissmiss, May 12 2016


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