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Colour changing makeup

oh it's coming
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Reflective particles in a translucent base causes eye shadows and lipstick to mirror the background lighting of one's surroundings.

$53.80 handheld inkjet color printer, you could print makeup with it. https://www.alibaba...itle.e877ef0d7KMBv8
[beanangel, Dec 21 2020]


       I don't understand. Does the lipstick look like a pearl? retroreflective of ambient light, but, not focusy like a metal reflector or Rhodium-leafed lips?   

       Does the lipstick start imitating the colors in the room where it is at? So some dance clubs with fancy colors would cause fancy colors of lipstick.   

       It seems like unless the dance club were lit a certain way (recessed lighting) the big response from the reflective particles in the lipstick, whether like rhodium-leafed lips/glitter/mica or microsized mirror particles (pearlescent) it would tend to look like the light fixture.   

       Or, and this is kind of exciting, do you mean a lightly frosted glass, perhaps fresnel (clean optical lines are possible) reflecting globe ornament sort of like the AT&T logo? Computers, lasers, and handheld inkjet printers can make that lipstick style for you.   

       Ok, consider a mirrored globe out on a lawn on a sunny day. You are fairly near it so it is sky blue on top and grass green on the bottom. If it had diffusive "translucent" (as you write) frosting in horizonal stripes (=) the mirrory parts would maintain the sky blue, but the diffusivity would react to the sun, with a white glowinging, pearlescent appearence on the lines making an AT&T logo look. Is that what you are aiming for as a makeup effect?   

       One way to make something like that would be to apply Rhodium (edible/nontoxic) leaf to the lips to make them mirrors. Then a CPU controlled makeup brush, perhaps an inkjet printer (handheld color inkjet printers are only $53.80 at alibaba) is gently wanded around the face. The camera on the printer sees everything and keeps the makeup spraying safe and harmless, and the resolution is 2020 ($79) handheld inkjet printer or higher (1200 dpi).   

       You have just drawn something like the mirror lawn globe on the lips with the inkject printer over the Rhodium leaf. The printer used opalescent/translucent (as you say) ink on the lips so its all softly luminescent. That transclucent pearly part is, however, still white lines.   

       But, You can combine the two at different geometries. Rh-leaf lips and have little dots, like halftone dots of pearlescence of printing all over the mirrored lips. That way you get, soft glowy, translucent room reflection just as you described.   

       I read they used to smear petroleum jelly on glass to soften photos. So if you are really optimizing the fuzzing-up the the Rhodium leaf lips with inkjet printed pearlescence, it is kind of like the lips have the color of the non light-bulb things in the room; basically a petroleum jelly coated mirror.   

       The thing is, I think you meant something different. What did you mean?
beanangel, Dec 21 2020

       //Reflective particles in makeup are widely used (link), but don't do quite what you're describing.//   

       Yeah those cover ups seem to scatter light the way that two fresnel lenses bent to curve away from one another will render something behind them extracted from the blurred image your eye sees. An invisibility shield.
I kind of mean the opposite of that.

       [beanangel] you had me at //retroreflective of ambient light//.
I honestly don't have enough time to look up everything between that and;
//The thing is, I think you meant something different. What did you mean?//

       Ah... a question not requiring research before I can answer it, cool.
I was thinking reflective particles, each perhaps slightly parabolic in shape which would continuously point their bowls away from a heat source they are applied to while suspended within a translucent film.
In this way the milkiness of the film will diffuse any incoming light for a blended effect and would change constantly in response to all changes in ambient light.


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