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Cosmetic light

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Coloured lights project from your glasses frames to shine specific colours on cheeks and brows, and others on bridges of noses. Extensions swing down from the ear and beam LED orange onto your jawline. All of this to create the perfect skin tone and shadows in the right spots.

This will be big in the 2020's.

tatterdemalion, Nov 14 2012


       This is great ! [+]
piluso, Nov 14 2012

       umm- what if one doesn't wear glasses? Or in my case, I take mine off and put them on when I need them. There needs to be something more permanent. Maybe a hidden handband across the hairline?
xandram, Nov 14 2012

       a miniature hovercraft that follows you and beams the right stuff at you. Cosmedrone.
sqeaketh the wheel, Nov 14 2012

       Skin is fairly translucent, so the LEDs could be implanted.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 14 2012

       Given the disconcerting appearance generated when human faces are lit from below by the faint glow of a smartphone screen, this is probably preferable.
8th of 7, Nov 14 2012


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