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Cougar Mate™

Instant cougar compatibility notifier silently alerts wiley females to potential prey
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Why hang around in a crowded bar until your power suit smells like smoke? With the new Cougar Mate™ you're going to save precious hours - allowing you to cut to the quick and spend more time doing what comes naturally.

Simply stand near a potential target. With it's built in Cougar Sense™ technology, the Cougar Mate™ will automatically sense other units that have been preset to the Prey Position™ and register their age broadcast. The Cougar Converter™ automatically does an age compatibility conversion by removing 7 years from their age and then doubling the result. If your age is equal to or above that figure, you have a Cougar Mate Match™ and your Cougar Mate™ will vibrate at a fevered pitch, indicating that it is time to move in for the kill.

Available in a range of fashion accessory colors, including animal prints, your new Cougar Mate™ will be a welcome addition to all your outfits. At only $29.99, a fraction of your hourly wage, the Cougar Mate™ is priced to sell. Get yours today and happy hunting! RRRRRRrrrrrrrr!!!!

pixelswisher, Feb 08 2002

Here you go http://www.usatoday...h/review/crg942.htm
Same idea, but for gay men. [mcscotland, Feb 08 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Lovegety http://www.interland.co.jp/gety/eigo/
The Japanese made device I was thinking of... [waugsqueke, Feb 08 2002]

(?) for pottedstu and blissmiss http://www.canoe.ca...09_valbook-sun.html
a guide to cougars [mihali, Feb 08 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       We've done this before haven't we? Last time round I mentioned the "gaydar" which is the same thing for gay men. And now I've mentioned it again. I'm off to find a link.
mcscotland, Feb 08 2002

       I'll take UB and mcscotland's word as to what this is about, but I must confess I don't understand it at all. What's all this shit about cougars?
pottedstu, Feb 08 2002

       it rather reminds me of that television advert we have in the UK at the moment where the cat pisses into the drink which the chap in the nightclub has left on the table while he dances with the woman. Presumably inferring that she would have a more meaningful relationship with the cat than the guy with the bad haircut. (a cougar is a big cat, right?)
sappho, Feb 08 2002

       I guess a little poetic license can be a bad thing.   

       It's a device for when you're 'on the prowl' (hence the cougar reference). It goes off when you're in the presence of a similar device. Baked and HalfBaked.
phoenix, Feb 08 2002

       phoenix... yes that's what I was thinking this was. Aren't there little Japanese-manufactured devices that do this? Where I tripped up was the (age-7)* 2 bit, which still doesn't make any sense to me.   

       sappho, might I inquire what possible product that ad could be advertising? Cats pissing in drinks...?
waugsqueke, Feb 08 2002

       The (age-7)*2 bit is a shorthand formula for determining when someone is too young/old for you. Take the younger person's age, run it through the formula, and if it comes out less than the older person's age you're fine. For instance, I'm 24, so by the formula it's socially acceptable for me to hook up with people between 19 and 34 years of age.
bookworm, Feb 08 2002

       i'm not sure, but i think "cougar" is a canadian thing. see my link for an explanation.
mihali, Feb 08 2002

       waugs: Haven't seen the ad (don't get to watch too much television nowadays) but I think it could be for "Cat Food" or probably lager.!!
arora, Feb 08 2002

       No no no no no   

       The term "Cougar" refers to an older, recently divorced (or just plain old fashioned single), financially secure woman who is out hunting for younger men to have brief, sexual relations with. It is sometimes used in the pejorative sense. Often, however, younger men are quite interested one night stands with older, more experienced women who know exactly what they want.   

       The whole idea about a "Cougar" is that they are not at all interested in engaging in long-winded courtship rituals. Hence the idea for Cougar Mate™   

       I hadn't read about this "gaydar" half-baked idea, but yes, it's basically the same thing I suppose.   

       This entire concept is really nothing earth-shattering people - I know there is a similar device that was available in Japan that beeped out loud once it came into promximity of another person carrying the same device. This is the same idea, but to me it seems better suited to the Cougar crowd once you put the age formula into the mix. If you're a female and you're above the (age-7)*2 ratio then you are a "Cougar." I tried to relate it in a humorous, cheeky way.   

       The last time I checked, this website was called "halfbakery" and not "fullbakery." Well, jeepers, I'm going off to the nearest Cougar Bar and seek some solace for my bruised ego. So long, and thanks for all the fishbones.   

       cheers, pix
pixelswisher, Feb 08 2002

       Thanks bliss, but don't worry I'm not off to do anything else half-baked... Everything I say, I say with tongue planted firmly in cheek. :)
pixelswisher, Feb 08 2002

       Cool Older Unpartnered Gal Anti-Relationship sort of thing? or po - pissed off (altogether)?
po, Feb 08 2002

       Cougars are 1.5-3 m/yds in length. On a great day for a Cougar - they feed on deer. Rest of the time, it's much smaller animals. Lots of Cougars aka Puma aka Catamount aka Mountain Lions in California. Media calls them Mountain Lions when someone gets a mauling.
thumbwax, Feb 08 2002

       Cell phones should be able to do this. Gps to be sure your in the same bar. Conference calling. Camera , lights, action.
popbottle, Nov 21 2014


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