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hyperlearning travel headgear

Peer reviewed published things say DC stimulation near the side of the head doubles attentiveness as well as learning, so this is a travel appreciation gadget that only turns it on when you are having a pleasant time.
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When people travel they frequently see lots of new things as well as gain some greater fluency at language. There are a variety of published items (DARPA, Science magazine) that suggest double or better learning or recognition from tDCS Transcranial DC Stimulation near 9v at 2 milliamps. Thus the idea is just glasses or headgear that sense if you are having a pleasant time then turn on the tDCS while travelling. That way you learn more things, yet perhaps also retain the I like it ness of travel as a result of the software only turning on the hyperlearning when you Like your surroundings. Notice more sight, gather more data as you travel, possibly also learning language much faster.

Also as TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is already used to improve mood it is possible that Learn only when pleasant tDCS headgear could be an even more effective voluntary mood improving treatment.

Now I recognize that Use another persons research then make it a travel technology is not much of an idea yet the prospect of knowing twice as much Europe from a visit to Europe seemed worth the "thats not an idea!" risk. Also if I had said Put an LED on a bike so it could be seen that would be rather obvious as well, yet obviously of value.

This idea is so tremendously derivative that I am describing another idea immediately.

also at the compatability gadget area, would two people with these communicate more effectively

I wonder if you were wearing hyperlearning headgear, and people could tell, would they modify their behavior around you? If it actually works would people put a merely skin implant on the sides of their heads that could be recharged with EM?

beanangel, Mar 19 2012

DARPA version http://medgadget.co...ean_more_frags.html
[beanangel, Mar 19 2012]

Scientific American review like article http://www.scientif...g-up-brain-function
[beanangel, Mar 19 2012]

a schematic as well as user data on creator produced tDCS http://brmlab.cz/pr.../brain_hacking/tdcs
after I got a message from them that particular yahoo account started congratulating me for things I wasn't aware Id participated at, perhaps. "disqus" which sure sounds like disquise. Proceed with amusement. [beanangel, Mar 19 2012, last modified Mar 20 2012]


       Ah, now THIS one I was certain right off the bat.
normzone, Mar 19 2012

       // published things say //   

       Now _there's_ a great way to establish the credibility of your sources.
Alterother, Mar 20 2012

       //published things say// Breathtakingly ... something. But consider: House style at arXiv is "these guys" in place of "the authors" Autre temps, autre moeurs.
mouseposture, Mar 20 2012

       possibly the annotation to a schematic as well as a user data at brmlab.cz will fascinate people here. Its a different author than me.
beanangel, Mar 20 2012

       new improved   


       peer reviewed published things say
beanangel, Mar 20 2012

       This is brilliant, [beanie]! I would add a 20 foot whip antenna onto the headgear for people who like to watch lightning storms while standing on hilltops. And it would also be fun to see if it could be adapted to work with zombies. Two buns up! [+] [+]
Grogster, Mar 20 2012

       [+] "Thinking Cap"
FlyingToaster, Mar 20 2012

       // peer reviewed published things say //   

       Much better.
Alterother, Mar 20 2012

       I have just re-read this idea whilst extremely drunk, and it makes far more sense than it did when I was sober. It's posssible that [beany] is actually a genious, but we're all reading with the wrong level of sobiety. More ressarch is clearly needed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 21 2012

       I've read several recent beanybakes while high and found them to be much funnier but no more sensible than I am baseline. I will gladly break out a bottle of Kraken and join you in the next phase of your groundbreaking study, Brother Buchanan.
Alterother, Mar 21 2012


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