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sex interest beacon

a small radio frequency data beacon worn on your person to transmit likes/dislikes
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Scene: You're on the subway and you feel your "date beacon" vibrate in your pocket. You look up and there's an interesting looking stranger smiling at you. You nod and move closer. You smile and say "My name is ___, what's your's" -- What happened was that your "date beacon" transmitted your personal information to a similar device held by another person. The data was transmitted over a wireless data link "such as Bluetooth". The message contained information such as your age, education, and preferences. When the person holding the receiver felt the vibration in their pocket they looked around and saw you. When they liked what they saw they smiled.
amyoke, Apr 02 2002

Lovegety http://www.interland.co.jp/gety/eigo/
No, not an album by Prince. It's a Japanese baked 'sex interest beacon'. There are three 'modes' you can set (friend, playmate or lover), and match up with only those others who have the same mode setting. 15 ft range. I call this baked. [waugsqueke, Apr 02 2002]

Lovegety on HB http://www.halfbake...expression=lovegety
Some similar ideas that have already been posted [wiml, Jul 06 2002]


       Halfbaked and baked as well. A common novelty item in Japan.
waugsqueke, Apr 02 2002

       //When the person holding the receiver felt the vibration in their pocket // amyoke lights touchpaper and stands back. half-baked I believe - off to search. Thank you Mr Waugsqueke, won't bother now
po, Apr 02 2002

       Some people like it. Others hate it, complaining that it sounds like cats in love. One could mount a large yellow light outside nightclubs which feature it. Yes, the Punster recommends a Sax Interest Beacon. Never be taken by surprise by a wailing saxophone solo again.
Dog Ed, Apr 02 2002

       I think the ones in Japan are random things. They will beep or something when they come into range of another random device which will also beep thus creating a random pairing.
kaz, Apr 02 2002

       How random would the pairing be? I wonder if people who would buy such a device would share certain characteristics?
wannalearn, Apr 02 2002

       I keep on reading this as "sex interest bacon."
calum, Apr 02 2002

       Moose do indeed bellow. The females bellow to get the attention of the males. (Human females do this as well.)
waugsqueke, Apr 02 2002

       it's kind of like those things from motorola that just text message each other, except these go off automatically to preferences... ok i'm just babbling
ishotpac, Apr 05 2002

       It is voyeurism if it is set to receive only?
ThotMouser, Apr 30 2002

       Actually this is already built into the human experience. It's called "eye contact". But I like it.
SeattleBrad, May 31 2002

       I think Calum's version of the idea has some real merit to it. If the "beacon" was actually a piece of bacon, you could really "feel the sizzle" of attraction. Plus, if it turned out you weren't as attracted to the individual as the bacon-beacon predicted, you could always eat the bacon, so it wouldn't be a complete loss.
wesweswes, Jun 04 2002

       When I first saw this I thought it said "Sex interest Bacon". Would that be like in the film "Hot Shots" or "Hot Shots Part Deux" (whichever)?
NickTheGreat, Jul 05 2002

       When I first saw this I thought it said "Sex interest Bacon". Would that be like in the film "Hot Shots" or "Hot Shots Part Deux" (whichever) where Charlie Sheen fries breakfast on some woman's chest?
NickTheGreat, Jul 05 2002

       It would certainly make everyday public activities more interesting. You could meet your perfect match anywhere. People should just be sure to make their "preferences" specific, so they don't go buzzing off everytime a blonde who likes puppies walks by. It would also save a lot of anxiety for gays. They would immediately know if their target is straight or not.
Jeeves, Jul 06 2002


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