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Get the green light
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do you not think that it would be easier if everyone carried a little box with a green and red light. If you wanted to know the person a bit better you could press the green light, if not, the red. It would cut all the crap and uncetainty
hughbrodie, Apr 03 2001

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       Baked: never been to a "traffic light" club? Quite common I think - you get a sticker on the door, either red, amber or green. This makes it easy to make drunken decisions in a dark noisey club - see red and your dealing with one happy half of a couple; see amber, and your looking at one none-too-committed half of a couple; see green, shout "wayhay" and dive in...
mcscotland, Apr 03 2001

       I think this idea is to give a personal response, in real time, to each person so after someone has dived in they know when to bail out. As an Englishman I would recommend extra lights to express sympathy, apologies or to add emphasis.
Aristotle, Apr 03 2001

       Aristotle, what would you recommend as a Greek? (or as a Dane, or a Frenchman, or a Syrian...)
; º )
beauxeault, Apr 03 2001

       beauxeault: I'm too reserved to answer your question :-)
Aristotle, Apr 04 2001

       I thought that this idea was going to be about being assaulted with a dried Meditteranean fruit (possibly by John Hopoate).
DrBob, Apr 04 2001

       I think it would just be more unambiguous.   

       It would be nice to have a way to say "you're not being annoying enough for me to be rude to you, but really, I'm not interested, go talk to someone else". It would also be nice to know when someone you're talking to isn't really interested in talking to you and is just being polite.   

       The problem with this idea of course is that pressing the red light would be just as rude as saying "go away", so people would do it in the same situations, thus not changing the social dynamic at all.
wiml, Jul 06 2001

       What's more, "all the crap and uncetainty" is exactly what the courting process is all about (i.e. risk.)   

       Fortunately, there are a few things in life that cannot be made "efficient", "simplified" or "easier" by halfbaked ideas. When it comes to emotions, you can't cut corners.
iuvare, Jul 07 2001

       There could be a friendship-saving way to use this, however. Myself, including people I know, have misread the intentions of female friends and been VERY harshly, uhh, turned down
AfroAssault, Jul 16 2001

       Not to mention the opposite --- it's frustrating to resign yourself to a friendly, nonromantic relationship with someone you're interested in, and then realize, much later, that they were actually making a pass at you and would have returned your interest if you'd only had the wit to see it.   

       But I still think that this idea wouldn't actually change the way people interact. The same mores & customs that govern us now would still govern the use of the lights.
wiml, Jul 16 2001

       Everyone in your group gets a control for each others date light. Everybody votes on any comers-on. If >66% of those in your party think the guy/gal is okay, green light. <33% gets a red light and everything in between gets yellow. Maybe someone would have to stay sober to be the 'designated voter'.
phoenix, Dec 10 2001


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