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love PIN

the no-risk approach to dating
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Everyone in the world gets a PIN and is forced to wear a shirt showing said PIN at all times.

Everyone also gets a device with a numeric keyboard. Every time you meet someone to whom you're attracted, you input their number into your device's database. When you input someone who also inputs your number, both users get a success message (although it'd need a way to link names with numbers, else you'd walk around blindly looking for someone whose shirt bears the numbers '9993245107'). Ah yes, and it will constantly update itself.

mush, Mar 04 2000

WeScam http://www.wescam.org/
``WeScam does not imply consent. It is a substitute for time, tact, and courage.'' I'm sure there are lots of similar online services... [egnor, Mar 04 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Lovegety http://www.ilovegety.com/
The gadget StarChaser mentioned. [egnor, Mar 04 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Skim http://www.skim.com/id/idea/index.php3
Hip eurostyle clothes and accessories branded with public ID numbers, linked to private mailboxes. [koz, Mar 04 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Secret Admirer http://www.secretadmirer.com
Does exactly what you said, only using e-mail addresses instead of shirt numbers... If only girls were displaying their e-mail addresses on T-shirts... :)) Not unimaginable, though. [danilom, Mar 04 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) GayDar http://www.gaygety.com/
The device "ashworth" mentioned. [egnor, Mar 04 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Can't seem to find it now, but the Japanese had a thing called a 'Beepagotchi', but that might have been just the US news cutesy name for it...You input your preferences into it, and carried this little short-range transmitter widget around with you. When you came within range of someone with similar interests, both of them would beep and let you know.   

       (grin) I love the Japanese fascination with gadgetry, sharing it myself...
StarChaser, Mar 05 2000

       The US version, friend.link, did stuff like this.
koz, Mar 06 2000

       Hmm. Cameras everywhere will pick up these numbers and automatically add them to a database of... everyone on the planet! From this, the location of everyone in the world can be known, never mind the potential for spam...
bloodred, Apr 24 2000

       Saw an article about this once in a London paper. There's a device that you can buy that will start buzzing if someone nearby has the same device. It's marketed to the gay scene and is called the "gaydar"...
ashworth, Jun 29 2000

       Ok, so we update the gaydar device a bit then.... All you need to do is have a multi-postion switch (so you can select a category) and use a different frequency for each switch position. Then if someone was on the same frequency as you the device would know that was a match and alert you. Don't know what the categories woudld be. The fewer categories the more ambiguous the match would be but if you had too many categories you would run out of frequencies (or pick up Radio 1) and the device would have to be bigger to accomodate the switch. Any ideas?
MrTheRich, Jun 29 2000

       Package it with a cheap docking station and program it through a PC.
StarChaser, Jun 29 2000

       Better than a docking station....Timex has (had?) a watch that is "programed" via your computer monitor. You use some software to set alarms and program in PIN numbers and your entire weeks schedule etc. . Hold your watch up to the monitor and press 'go'. the monitor starts flashing wildly and the flashes are picked up by a light sensor on the watch which can interpret the flashes. Pretty cool. This was available years ago.
blahginger, Jun 29 2000

       What happens if your device triggers off more than one other?
Detly, Nov 23 2000

       I had the same Idea as the japanese did too. Weird.
pures, Jan 10 2001

       bakeable with car number plates
simonj, Mar 02 2012


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