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Court Bar

In vino veritas; "Called to the Bar" gets a whole new meaning
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Courtrooms can be pretty tense places. Why not relax people a bit by providing a free Bar, maybe with waiter service. Everyone could have a couple of drinks before the trial actually starts. We've all been to parties and family gatherings when after a few drinks the discussion gets a bit heated and all the unspoken truths start to surface; this would be the hoped-for effect of the Court Bar. It would work a treat with reluctant witnesses - get a couple of slugs of vodka inside them and you wouldn't be able to shut them up. And if anyone had too much, they could be dragged staight in to the dock to be arraigned on a Drunk and Disorderly charge.
8th of 7, Jun 21 2002


       Order in the court?
phoenix, Jun 21 2002


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