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Custard Dock

Stick around for awhile
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Often on TV, you will see prisoners being brought into courtrooms wearing leg shackles. Aside from appearing somewhat barbaric, this can be argued to be prejudicial to the jury, who are going to naturally associate handcuffs and leg irons with criminals.

Instead, the defendant should be placed into a knee high vat of custard on wheels, and rolled into the courtroom.

ytk, Oct 10 2013


       [+] What could possibly go wrong ?
8th of 7, Oct 10 2013

       And during the trial the prisoner is both in the "guilty" and the "not guilty" states, until the last day when the prisoner is lifted out of the vat to reveal the presence of leg shackles (guilty) or their absence (not guilty).
the porpoise, Oct 10 2013

       I've read that there are some drugs that act as "muscle relaxants", and prevent the voluntary use of major muscles. A small dose would affect the ability to run, but not the ability of the heart to beat --and perhaps also not the ability to speak. A somewhat larger dose would affect the ability to speak, and the sphincter muscles, but still not the heartbeat.   

       So, perhaps such a drug could be employed in lieu of shackles?
Vernon, Oct 10 2013

       // some drugs that act as "muscle relaxants", and prevent the voluntary use of major muscles. //   

       It's called ethanol ...
8th of 7, Oct 10 2013

       And for that, [21Q], you deserve no mercy whatsoever ...
8th of 7, Oct 10 2013

       [+] to [21 Quest] for "We have the defendant in custardy..." (oh, and one for this delicious idea as well).
awesomest, Oct 11 2013

       Seems like there should be some way to embed custard in their clothing so that if the defendant moves normally it provides little resistance, but any rapid movements solidify the custard and immobilize the defendent
scad mientist, Oct 11 2013

       "Look out ! He's got a spoon !"
8th of 7, Oct 11 2013


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