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Courtroom Theme Days

Ditch the horsehair
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A strong argument for the retention of judges' and barristers' wigs is based on the notion that wearing them gives a degree of protective anonymity (so that orificers of the court are not recognised easily outside the court in their private lives)

With the assistance of a skilled costumiere, based in the court building, there could be theme days - dress ups for each session. The law List for the day could read 'Court 7 Afternoon - Justice Hanger Crown v Tindale prelim hearing Pirates of the Carribean.' or 'Court 5 Morning - Justice Bleath Crown v Flintoff sentencing Spanish Inquisition.', and everybody involved would need to appear dressed accordingly.

ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 18 2008


       We shall do something naughty, and then book our trial for the Marquise De Sade theme day. [+]
8th of 7, Jan 18 2008

       // Barry Humphries Day //   

       Otherwise known as Australian National Pride day ?
8th of 7, Jan 18 2008

       love a teletubby day please.
po, Jan 18 2008

       This could effect the outcome of the trials:   

       Judge: Jones, ye scalleywag, yeh be a'charged with some o' the ol' softwarr poiracy, 'ow deh ye plead?   

       Jones: Not Guilty.   

       Judge: Arr, yeh best stick to th' theme or I'll 'ave yeh keelhauled!   

       Jones: Umm...(whispers with lawyer) Avast ye ol' bilge rat, I be no intarrloper, ne'er have I hung theh Jolly Roger. I swear on me mizzenmast I be a right Jack Tar.   

       Judge: Matey, I kin see clarr as th' day yeh be a hornswagglin' me, th' mutiny in yer eyes, t' th' hulk wi' yeh!
Spacecoyote, Jan 19 2008


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